Tuesday , February 27 2024

Adidas To Drop New Boot Tomorrow – The Prime Fit

Prime Fit

This one has pretty much flown under the radar, however, tomorrow Adidas will be releasing a new boot. Now information on the new boot is sparse but here’s what we do know. It’ll be called the Prime Fit, and it’s being released with an entirely new upper material, known as Primeknit.

For those unfamiliar with the Primeknit technology, it is a one piece weaved yarn upper, very similar to Nike’s Flyknit technology, in fact both companies were involved in a lawsuit around who had the patent to it back in 2012. A German court eventually ruled that both companies were free to produce shoes with the technology after Adidas were able to prove there are patents dating to the 1940’s.

Now how it translates to football that remains to be seen. Given the weight of a boot sporting the Primeknit upper it’ll definitely be marketed to players who might also usually sport the F50 (in fact Liverpool’s Luis Suarez has been rumoured to be testing the boots out in training). Also, the Primeknit is going to be able to conform to a players foot unlike any other material which has ever hit the market. The major question I have about the upper is, how will it be in the tackle? An ultra-lightweight yarn based upper doesn’t scream “able to withstand a tough tackle” to me, but, if Adidas are bringing it to the market then they have to be sure in the pedigree of the technology and confident that it will withstand everything which a footballer would run into.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s release, where, all will be revealed by the people over at Adidas, because thus far they’ve been playing this release very close to their vest.

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