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Suarez debuts the Adidas Primeknit in win over Manchester United

suarez celebrates in primeknits against manchester united

Much of the hype surrounding this weekend went to Lionel Messi and his record breaking goal effort. His hat trick in Barcelona’s 7-0 rout of Osasuna broke the club goal record of 370. This prompted Adidas to drop a special fresh and highly limited “Messi 370” edition. But at the top of another league, Liverpool proved their worth as genuine title contenders in a 3-0 thrashing of Manchester United. With Chelsea losing, this brought Liverpool within 4 points of the top with a game in hand. Helping lead the charge was Luis Suarez, who coincidentally debuted the all new Adidas Primeknit.

Suarez's Primeknits up close

Suarez, who has been in spectacular form this season, is the face of the new Adidas boot. The Samba Primeknit was designed for pace and agility and it offers both stability and flexibility. The Liverpool striker is the ideal candidate to lead the range as many of his goals come from his creativity on the ball. He was involved in the buildup to his side’s first goal as his attempt to bring down a ball from Danny Sturridge was hand balled in the box by Rafael. Steven Gerrard converted his first penalty of the game to put Liverpool up right after the half hour. Suarez also scored the third goal for Liverpool. He found the back of the net (his 25th of the season) after Sturridge’s through ball slipped through the United defense. The striker’s great game was a splendid way to mark the beginning of the Adidas Primeknit’s time on the field. Even ESPN FC’s twitter acknowledged his efforts in the knitted boots, and posted a picture of the Uruguayan International’s boots during the game.

suarez in primeknits vs manchester united

I have no doubt that this is just the start of many special weekends to come for Suarez and his Primeknits. As long as he continues finding the back of the net, the Primeknit is going to be front and center in highlight reels. Any doubts on having Suarez as the main man for this range have been rightly extinguished. After all, who can argue against his consistency this season? Adidas should be grateful that they have one of the most in form players in the world as their feature player. With this form, I would not be surprised if he turns out to be the PFA’s player of the year. The PFA award was won by another adidas player (Gareth Bale) last year, and I’m sure Adidas would love to have their player’s repeat as winners.

adidas PR Shoot 06/02/2014

Will Suarez keep up his fine form in the new Primeknits? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. hey what socks are those that luis is wearing under his team socks

  2. the irony was he slipped quite a few times.

    suarez is known to be able to twist and turn on a dime in the penalty box but he didn’t manage any of his trademark twists despite attempting so.

    either it was old trafford’s turf or he just didn’t look as sharp as in his previous blue adizeros.

  3. Pretty weird how Suarez decided to go back to the adizeros for today's match against Cardiff. Maybe these boots aren't the quality Adidas was hoping for. Pretty sad when your main player for the boot line decides to go with another option…

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