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Countdown to Rio – Nike Mercurial Tropical Pack

Mercurial Tropical Collection

We are closing in fast on first kick-off in Rio, and Nike is back with a fresh new collection that is inspired by the host nation. This is the new Mercurial Tropical pack; three bold new graphics colorways that draw inspiration from the jungles of Brasil and offer an energetic option to players looking for speed.

The boot’s unique pattern draws inspiration from the shapes and colors of the Amazon, the world’s largest and most bio-diverse tropical rainforest, the majority of which is in Brasil. The unique tropical print is digitally printed on the Teijin Microfiber upper, allowing for graphics that won’t compromise the All Conditional Control (ACC) finish.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Tropical Print

As you can probably tell, this design will only be used on the Mercurial series, with the Vapor IX spearheading the collection. The current Vapor series is all about explosive speed with players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovich are currently wearing them in absolute style. Nike use the same Teijin Microfiber found in the CR7 releases. It seems to be a favorite of Ronaldo, with the smooth feel and thin nature providing a very natural feel on the ball and the ability to feel everything.

Hot off the heals of the “Fast Forward” collection, this leaves players with an impressive number of boots in the range to currently choose from. I can’t ever remember a silo having as many colorway releases in such a short amount of time. Vapor Heads rejoice!

The Tropical pack is currently available to buy at with a retail price of $250.

Nike Mercurial Vapor Tropical Orange

Nike Mercurial  Vapor Tropical Green

Nike Mercurial Vapor Tropical Blue

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  1. In the last few days, after watching David Silva, and now John Terry, land awkwardly on their toe/topside of their foot, and seeing the ultra-light Nike slippers they are wearing give them no support whatsoever (leading to injury), I wonder if a few players might rethink wearing a shoe that is quite so flexible.

    In both cases, I think a more rigid midsole and outsole just might have saved them from injury. As it was, their foot and shoe just crumpled below them.

    Food for thought.

  2. OMG I want the red and black or blue and black

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