Tuesday , February 27 2024

Adidas Take the adiZero F50 to “Whiteout” Mode

adiZero F50 Whiteout

For those that like a clean “Whiteout” look to their boots, Adidas has a fresh colorway for you. It comes in the adiZero F50 range and comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from the famous silo.

In similar fashion to what you would expect to find on the feet of Lionel Messi, this release features a soft Galeo, calf-leather upper. Where the synthetic version of the boot features new innovations like SpeedFoil to impact comfort, the leather version is a lot like previous F50 releases and it relies on the simplicity of soft materials to ensure your foot is snug. The leather upper is super soft and provides a padded, natural feel right out of the box. The benefit of leather is the fact that it stretches with your foot shape and doesn’t constrict like synthetic can. For full details on performance, check out our Adidas F50 adiZero Leather review.

Those wondering about how they fit, this is the type of boot that you will absolutely want to get a true to size fit in. In other words, they fit snug but offer a proper level of stretch for players that need some extra space.

Best of all, these boots are already on sale! Currently find them on Soccer.com.

What do you guys think of this “Whiteout” version of the F50? Would you wear them?

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  1. used to be a huge fan of white. My last 4 pairs were adidas white (Predators, F50 tunit. F50) and looked amazing, but it was a pain to clean them up. I have now gone to bright yellow.

  2. will these have the same fit at the synthetic f50 trx?

    meaning, if I am 9.5 perfect fit in those, would I be a 9.5 with the leather??

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