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The King is Back – Limited Edition Puma King Top Italia

Puma King Top Italia

It’s been thirty-two years since the magnificent Paolo Rossi strapped the Azzurri on his back and dragged them to victory in the 1982 World Cup. In honor of that fantastic achievement the designers over at Puma have gone into the way-way-back machine and have brought us a fresh instant classic! That’s right, for a limited time only the King is BACK! And it’s back in all it’s 20th century glory as the Puma King Top Italia.

Celebrating the 1982 World Cup success, Puma have given 898 pairs of this modern day performer the regal treatment. A luxurious looking brown leather upper, combined with the blue of the famed Azzurri on the inside of the heel and on the fold over tongue is simply brilliant! The boot also gets treated to a bit of gold with a tinge surrounding the classic Puma stripe on the soleplate, and also the side of the boot which  makes no bones about who was “Campioni Del Mondo” in MCMLXXXII (praise be to Arabic numbers catching on).  Even the insole gets a gold treatment in the same manner as the side of the boot. However, if you are an Azzurri fan, the party piece is on the heel of the boot, which features the crest of the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC).

For those that want one of the 898 pairs available, find them at

1982 Puma King Limited Edition Rerelease

Puma King 82 Replica

Puma King Limited Edition 1982

The FIGC was founded in 1898, which while not celebrating any kind of significant anniversary this year is still an important number; as the King Top Italia will be limited to 898 pairs world wide. This is the second time Puma has customized a pair of King’s to celebrated the Azzurri as there was a King XL released shortly prior to the 2010 World Cup, and despite not being an Azzurri supporter I can admire the class boots that Puma have crafted to celebrate their most famous client.

If you want a pair of these instant classics you can order them over at where they will be retailing for $249.99. Will you be one of the lucky 898 to get your hands on a classic boot which has stood the test of time?

King Top Italia Limited Edition Detailing

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  1. the colour gives it a very jaded look… no thanks 🙁

  2. If I had an extra $250 laying around, I would buy these in a heartbeat.

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