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First Look at the New Adidas Predator Instinct - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

First Look at the New Adidas Predator Instinct

Predator Battle Pack

Without “officially” detailing the new Predator Instinct, Adidas introduced us to their latest hybrid-power boot offering. It has become a staple for Adidas to have a fresh edition of a Predator released and available for players to use at World Cups – this version comes less than a month out from the big kick-off.

And, as you would expect there is plenty of new modifications introduced to this release that make it special.

The most important question is “what has adidas done with the lethal zone?” Well, on the Predator Instinct you are going to find specifically positioned Gel Pads along the instep, which work to compliment precision passing and control, along with 3D-engineered superlight rubber positioned along several zones for optimal grip on the ball. We anticipate they the rubber along the strike zone will also offer some performance benefits when it comes to striking shots. And as you can see from the images, Adidas has dropped the cross like design and opted for a more straight, streamlined implementation and that is something I expect we will hear a lot more about during the official release.

Sticking with what works, a Hybridtouch upper is again put into play. Hybridtouch has received rave reviews on several recent releases for its leather like feel and 40% lighter properties. It is more resistant under stress conditions and maintains it’s snug shape for a longer period of time, while it also takes 4 times longer than a traditional leather to absorb the same quantity of water.

New Predator

Predator Instinct Upper

Then there is the soleplate, which has received a definite upgrade. A new transparent outsole is introduced with a control frame design to help improve flexibility while also offering some underfoot touch benefits. The height of each stud along with the actual cut along the upper joining is very unusual. From the above image, you can see the layered texture that adds a seemingly protruding styled definition.

Again, this is not the official release and there is plenty more detailed info to follow over the coming days. For now, sit back and check out some images of the new boot in the just released Battle Pack colorway. Note that this colorway is the only one in the range to feature a white on black pattern.

For those interested in pre-ordering, find them at and

Adidas Predator Instrinct detail

What are your initial thoughts on the Predator Instinct? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Adidas Predator Instrinct detail

Adidas Predator Instrinct detail

Adidas Predator Instrinct detail

Battle Pack Order

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  1. uglier than ever

  2. And here lies the first World Cup Predator that I won't be buying

  3. ill take a black waterproof markerpen n collor in the white dots

  4. My first impression: Those are the ugliest Warrior boots I’ve seen yet.

  5. just awful….

  6. What about predator instinct absolion?
    Can you review on them?

  7. why are they bad

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