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Mizuno Basara Released – A New Type of Savage Acceleration

Mizuno Basara Soccer

Mizuno has officially entered the competitive synthetic speed-boot category with the introduction of these new boots, the Basara. Right on the eve of the World Cup kick-off, the Japanese brand has made the decision to increase their presence with an entirely new range. It is a bold move that could pay off if fans take to the ideals behind the new silo.

Weighing in at 6.2oz, these boots feature a PrimeSkin material that is comparable to leather with the durability and structured fit of a quality synthetic. Added to that is FiberControl through the upper, a layer of hidden fiber that adds support and a locked in fit as you turn and accelerate. Then there is the soleplate, which seems to be extremely advanced. The entire premise behind it is focused on speed and acceleration, similar to the likes of the adiZero F50 and the Mercurial Vapor silos.

Mizuno Basara FiberControl

Mizuno Basara PrimeSkin

Mizuno Basara Turn Feature

Unfortunately, folks in the US might not see these boots for a while – at least not yet. There are no current plans for Mizuno to add them to the four silo’s already available through We hope they will be added at some point, but nothing has been clarified to date. Worth noting, Japan international Shinji Okazaki will be wearing them in Brazil during the World Cup, so we will get to see them in action.

The boot’s design not only supports acceleration in a linear direction, but also facilitates turns at high velocity while maintaining speed. The word “BASARA” means to tear about in an unrestrained fashion, or to behave flamboyantly, which conjures up an image of Shinji Okazaki’s style of play. This new boot design will provide support for the player’s movements, helping him break through the wall of the opponent’s defense that stands in the way of the path to the goal.

There are, however, pairs available on eBay. If you find a pair and decide to give them a test run (expect to pay around $300), hit us up with your reaction and how they test out.

Mizuno Basara Soleplate

Mizuno Basara Dash Feature


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  1. These wouldn't be replacing the current Morelia Neos would they? Be pretty disappointed if they were o.o

  2. Andrew Lockhart

    They are keeping the Morelia Neo’s. Think of them as a replacement for the SuperSonic Wave.

  3. Is it meant for firm ground

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