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How adidas Modified the Battle Pack 11Pro!

Adidas 11pro Battle Pack
As part of the Battle Pack collection released prior to the World Cup, adidas has gently modified the style and performance of the 11Pro silo. Note here immediately that the adiPure title has been dropped from the title, something that has been phased out over several recent colorway releases.

In Brazil, the Black/White 11Pro design has easily blended in with the other boots available from adidas, so it hasn’t received much additional attention. In fact, Jorge Valdivia has been the only player to score while wearing a pair at the World Cup. Players like Philipp Lahm have excelled from a gritty. no-nonsense, hard working perspective but at the other end of the pitch they have been relatively quiet. They make the prefect boot for players in the middle of the park that respect comfort and want a boot that will help them get the job done through 90 minutes of play.

So, what is so different about the Battle Pack version compared to the Samba Pack?

11pro Battle Pack vs Samba Pack

As above, you will see how adidas has modified the stitching pattern along the forefront of the boot and created a more streamlined appearance. The wave-like black print is what sets the tone of the design, with the pattern on both sides streaming in toward the center of the boot. Adidas has also redesigned the heel region, with the pretty overbearing, large 11pro hit on the heel replaced with less obtrusive perpendicular text.

The only other real difference lies in the very light, raised rubber texture that adidas use across the upper. It is most prominent along the strike zone, but from a performance perspective it really doesn’t add a great deal of value. It might give some slight additional grip, useful for midfield players who need to take the ball in and move it at pace but in general it is not going to change feel on the ball.

The Battle Pack 11Pro is available from and WeGotSoccer for $165.

Thoughts on the Battle Pack edition of the boot? Which would you choose between these and the Samba version? Let us know in the comments below or you can always find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Battle Pack 11Pro Upper

Battle Pack 11Pro Side Profile

11Pro Soleplate

11Pro Tongue

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  1. Just wanted to inform you that you missed out on the biggest difference between the battle pack and the rest of the 11pros. The battle pack is actually a full synthetic, completely made of a think hypertouch, just like what you will find on the nitrocharge, f50, etc.

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