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What has the Nike Mercurial Vapor X Got on Offer? - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

What has the Nike Mercurial Vapor X Got on Offer?

Nike Mercurial Vapor X

Visually, it wasn’t too difficult to spot the Nike Mercurial Vapor X during the World Cup. They might not have been front and center of the goal charts, but the Hyper Punch colorway was worn by a high number of international stars. With the addition of a Volt swoosh that features a sprinkling of Gold detailing, the overall visual effect made them a real winner from a marketing perspective.

It was also very interesting to see that the majority of players went for the Vapor X rather than the advanced Superfly IV that was released a few weeks back. You might be familiar with the unique Superfly that features a dynamic mid-cup collar on a micro-textured FlyKnit upper. But it seems that the majority of Nike Mercurial wearers wanted to stick with what was tried and trusted, a boot and style that they were more familiar with wearing in big games. It can be a gamble to radically change your footwear, and there is no boot modified so dramatically than the Superfly!

Vapor X Upper

Vapor X Enclosed Lacing

These boots just came in recently and I’ve already had a few opportunities to wear them. The lightly textured microfiber upper has been extremely useful and there is a definite locked in feel compliments of the enclosed design. Did I mention there is no tongue on this boot?

Check the video below for a breakdown of the boot and what they have to offer. Then watch out for a pretty cool follow-up video we have coming in the next few days that covers how they fit and answers several pressing questions we have received from readers. And finally a comprehensive review to follow very shortly!

Currently find the Nike Vapor X at

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  1. I prefer the Mercurial Vapor X, even though I currently wear the adiZero F50 Battle Pack. Back to the Nike boots; I do not want to change to a radical new boot as this would mean a period of adjustment. The current boots on the market suit me just fine, and i have test worn both the Superfly and Vapor, and personally still want the Vapor.

  2. tried both, Vapor was a bit tight for me while superfly provides a better fit and much softer upper.

    Still keeping my LZ for "rough" games as superfly is a bit thin.

  3. I've tried both, I have the Superfly but for some reason Nike has made the length longer than usual so I had to go half a size down than my normal 8.5US, once I went half a size down the boot is now too narrow. Not happy Nike.
    The vapors are true to size for me though

    • hey peter..i also found the length of the vapor Xs to be considerably longer..i wear the same size on the adizeros and they fit perfectly..but with the vapor x there's some extra space in the toebox region in front of my toes..was it the same for u?

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