Monday , April 15 2024

Limited Edition Adidas Predator Eyes x Tongue Ready To Be Unleashed!

Predator Eyes

Adidas has given the Predator Instinct an exclusive make-over as they look to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Predator boot. The limited edition Predator Eyes along with the Predator Tongue are on the horizon and being released in extremely limited quantities, meaning they are unlikely to go to market. These exclusive boots are more likely to be special collectors editions handed out to some lucky (and very happy) folks in the industry.

Each boot is geared toward a specific piece of Predator history, with the Eyes symbolizing specific detailing seen on some of the original Predator releases like the Rapier. Then there is the Tongue, representing the iconic lace cover found on the the likes of the Predator Touch and Predator Accelerator. That tongue disappeared with the release of the Predator X and fans have been crying out for its return ever since.

Stay tuned for more details and announcements on the Predator 20th anniversary over the next few days!

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Predator Tongue

Pred Tongue

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  1. Gimme those sexy boots!

  2. I heard it is not for selling? Even the description on youtube said so…

  3. How can I get these

  4. Where can i still get to purchase/ pre-order Limited Edition Adidas Predator Eyes x Tongue ? PLEASE !!

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