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Black vs Gold Pack – Nike’s Own Colorway Matchup

Nike Stealth Pack

Within the last few days following the World Cup final, Nike has been grabbing the attention of the boot world by unleashing two classy colorway packs. After seeing the World Cup summer colorways for virtually every day for the last month, it is nice to see that we will be getting a reprieve in terms of color. There’s a new season approaching fast so for many people trying to get a new pair of boots the big question right now is Black or Gold?

Black and Gold are such different hues but the packs do share similar features. Read on to find out how the two packs compare to each other and what the big differences are!

Black vs Gold – Which is Classier?

The answer to this question comes down to your definition of classy. It would be the black pack if you are looking for simplicity. And if you are looking for elegance, it would be the gold NIKEid colorways. Gold has long been associated with wealth and substance, so there is a somewhat primordial outlook as gold as dignified. Gold was also the color of the World Cup trophy. There is just something special about how the gold blends with the other colors on the boot and how unique the look is. But then again, the black pack looks like it would stand out because of the white swoosh even though you wouldn’t think of white being a color that pops out at you.

For some reason the boots in the black pack also appear like they would fit in really well at a black light/neon dance to me. So ultimately, its all about how the boot looks to you and which one you prefer!

Stealth Pack II

Price and Availability

The gold pack can actually only be found on NIKEiD for purchase. As with all NIKEiD models, they can only be found online and the price is a good deal higher than the standard model. I don’t really know why the gold pack wasn’t made into a regular release, but it does make them harder to find. Because the black pack is a regular release, it will be found in basically all your local soccer stores and the colorway will be used on takedown models as well. In the end, the more money you spend, the rarer the boot.

Gold Hypervenom Phantom


How many players that you encounter have a pair of gold boots? If you think about it, gold is a much more exclusive color when compared to black. The black pack will stand out because of the neon highlights and white swoosh. However, I would think you are way more likely to attract stares if you take to the pitch in a gold pair of boots. Also, if you think back to the knockout rounds of the World Cup, you may remember a super exclusive gold hypervenom made for Neymar! Although its not the exact same thing, its a rough idea of “The Golden Dream.” But unfortunately for the Gold colorways, the black pack is going to be the dominant pack worn by the pros! So if it matters a lot to you, you may want to consider that NIKEiD colorways won’t be seen much on the feet of professionals.

Stealth Vapor and Magista Opus


As always, the final choice comes down to a matter of personal preference. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably end up choosing the black pack. Simply because I’m not a big fan of paying extra for a NIKEiD pair of boots. But I guess that same reason also makes it more exclusive.

The NIKEiD Gold Pack can be found here, and the prices range from $265 for the Hypervenom Phantom to $315 for both the Mercurial Superfly and Magista Obra. The black pack can be found on, with a full line of boots to choose from (including takedowns).

Which pack is your favorite? Should the gold pack be made into a regular release? Let us know in the comments below or give a shout on Facebook and Twitter.

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