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What You Can Expect From The New Adidas Tribal Pack - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

What You Can Expect From The New Adidas Tribal Pack

adidas Tribal Pack

The World Cup might have finished but that hasn’t stopped adidas from continuing their mighty charge with another round of fresh boot colorways. This collection, which they have named the Tribal Pack, brings together their four main silo’s and splashes them with some exuberant colors. The performance provided by the Predator Instinct, adiZero f50, Nitrocharge 1.0 and 11Pro is just as different as the unique patterns adidas has placed on each individual boot.

Below is a short breakdown on what each boot has to offer from both a performance and visual design perspective.

Here is your shortcut link to the available boots in the Tribal Pack on

adidas Predator Instinct - Tribal Pack

A boot we have already tested and featured on the site, this version of the Predator Instinct brings it back old school with an iconic Black/Red/White design. It might not have a completely accurate visual appearance you would expect, but this is adidas attempt to bring a more traditional feel to the modern era, very advanced boot. A Hybridtouch upper is covered with five zones of rubber elements to produce a control/power hybrid performer.

Available for $219.99.

adidas adiZero f50 - Tribal Pack

In an unusual twist, we haven’t heard much about this latest Neon Pink/Running Blue colorway in the adiZero f50 series. Usually when a boot this vibrant is released, adidas like to splash the details and make sure everybody knows they are available. To date, we have just seen glimpses of them from pro players in training camp for the upcoming season. At 5.4oz, these boots are all about speed as we found out through testing. The mix of a Hybridtouch upper with DribbleTex across the forefoot makes them a pretty ideal boot for players who want to take defenders on.

Available for $219.99.

adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 - Tribal pack

Adidas has taken things to a new level with the bold design featured on the Nitrocharge 1.0. The Black/Running White/Neon Orange is really in your face, with the almost gold like paneling really standing out against the sharp black upper. When it comes to performance, the Nitrocharge is specifically labelled as a midfielder generals boot (the “Engine”), offering players additional support through quick lateral movements, providing additional energy release through play.

Available for $199.99.

adidas 11Pro - Tribal Pack

Yes to this design! I have always been a fan of boots in Blue, with this version of the 11Pro coming in an official Solar Blue/Running White/Black colorway. For those that like a more traditional boot with traditional stitching and less technology, the Taurus Leather clad 11Pro is a quality option. This is a boot with high durability, low water uptake and a glove-like fit to keep you comfortable – all for a pretty decent price.

Available for $164.99.

Watch out for more of the Tribal pack through preseason and into the new 2014/15 campaign. Relevant players are set to wear these styles over the coming months as the action gets back underway.

Got a favorite from the four designs? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or you can always find us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Bryan, i suspect that the adiZero of the Tribal Pack has a SpeedFoil tongue. Have a look.

  2. Its a pity my knees are too stuffed to play cuz the boots these days are just awesome looking.

  3. When will the price drop on the predator instimct red/black

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