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Adidas Predator Instinct - “Black/White Pack” - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Adidas Predator Instinct – “Black/White Pack”

Black adidas Predator Instinct

It is set to be a huge year for the Adidas Predator Instinct, especially since Adidas announced a few weeks back that they are set to release a whopping 14 versions of the Predator Instinct between now and the end of 2014. there was always going to be a signature Blackout and Whiteout release. Today, adidas released us to both…and the masses rejoiced at their signature looks! These versions, #6 and #7 on the list, are complete wash-outs with absolutely no other color featured throughout the boot.

You get the idea about what these are about visually, so lets focus a little on performance. Prior to the World Cup, we received exclusive access to the Predator Instinct Battle Pack edition and the results were very positive.

Adidas Predator Instinct Whiteout

Predator Instinct Forefoot

In similar fashion to their predecessor, adidas has gone with several different “lethal zones” where they use a rubber compound to improve power and touch on the ball. Each zone has its own purpose and the compound of each is shaped and positioned very differently. There are 4 primary regions and then a new gel pad region that sits along the instep. Added to that, a new transparent outsole is introduced with a control frame design to help improve flexibility while also offering some underfoot touch benefits. From a weight perspective, they are slightly higher than we have seen from recent Predator releases, coming in at 10oz.

The overall end result is a definite power boot that takes the Predator range back towards it original roots – even if adidas continues to promote the whole “control” premises of the range. They have more than that to offer and players craving a boot that improves ball striking can rest assured that these are a top option.

You can currently find the entire “Black/White Pack” at

Whiteout Predator Instinct

Whiteout Pred Instinct Upper

Predator Instinct Blackout Soleplate

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  1. for a striker like me, that is not pacey but want a barefoot feel and a powerful shot, which boot, the adiZero or Instinct, would you recommend? Personally, which do you want?

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