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Diadora Maracana Gets Some Fresh Color Updates! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Diadora Maracana Gets Some Fresh Color Updates!

Diadora Maracana L in Red

A simple classic boot has been offered a fresh new look right before the start of the new season. You are unlikely to ever see a pro player wear a pair of Diadora Maracana L, but that has less to do with the comfort and performance of this quality boot and more to do with branding. Players in the market for something less complicated and more functional out of the box should take these into consideration – a crisp Risk Red and a Blast Blue colorway.

Just to note here, these are two separate colorways and not one pair of boots in two colors. I can see how that might cause confusion considering the current market trend!!

If you rely on “technology”, then look away now as the Maracana is designed with a minimal interface. There is nothing fancy about these boots. Diadora has ensured you get a comfortable fit and a durable boot at an affordable price – including additional technology would leave these boots somewhat off balance. You do get touch control around the front of the boot, that almost has a slightly sticky feel.

Maracana L Blue Released

In terms of fit, these boots are about as true to size as you can get. Around the forefoot, you get a very comfortable, spacious fit that doesn’t change much over time thanks to the anti-stretch lining across the leather upper. Word of warning though, they are not exactly a great option for players looking for something a little more narrow!

Both of these Maracana L colorways can be found right now at

Any players out there who have experience with or feedback to offer others about the Maracana L? Hit up the comments or let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

Diadora Maracana in Red and Blue

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  1. most comfortable shoes I have worn and they are very durable!

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