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Everything You Need To Know About the Adidas Predator Instinct 94!

adidas Predator 94

Adidas has gone all retro and released a remake of the original Predator – one of the most iconic boots they ever created. Initially introduced to the market in 1994, this 20th anniversary version is modernized by being completely updated and placed on the Predator Instinct. The Instinct is the boot used as the base or original building block, with a microfiber upper covered in the iconic rubber fins to enhance power, swerve and control.

Visually, they are striking and definitely answer the calls of so many hardcore fans who have craved a re-release of a boot that completely revolutionized the market. But, have they pulled it off and how does it all come together as a limited edition boot?

Luckily, we are one of the first to have a pair of the Predator Instinct 94 in the US and we can answer some of the more pressing questions for those of you exploring the option of picking up a pair before the last of the limited edition 1,825 available disappear!

Exclusive Unboxing

Rather than talking about what you are getting, I will let our YouTube unboxing fill you in on the simple pleasures of the release!

Iconic Appearance

Visually, adidas has done a terrific job of transferring the iconic original Predator look to its modern day equivalent. The entire design replicates what you would expect to see in a successful remake, from the crocodile skin print along the lip of the upper to the rubber fins that surround the entire boot. Even the tongue takes on a new form, sitting higher on the ankle and holding a full bodied feel, it features the original Predator logo front and center.

Something that is also appreciated is the colorway used. Realistically, it needed to be a Black/White/Red colorway just like the Predator is synonymous for, but given adidas track record with colorways in recent times, they could have put any sort of shade on the boot. It would be sacrilege to mess with the design, so I am extremely pleased to see adidas keep it simple.

adidas Predator 94  Review

adidas Predator Instinct 94 Detailing (b)

Predator Instinct 94 Rubber Fins

adidas Predator Instinct 94 Forefoot

Comfort and Size

I’ve had the opportunity to get a run out in them and they are definitely wearable right out of the box. A common misconception is that these are designed to be more of a collectors item rather than a proper game boot. They can most definitely be kept as a collectors item, but they offer quality performance and most of all an absolutely comfortable fit and feel. The inner lining of the boot features a soft fabric lining that contours your foot in a very natural fashion. They just feel right when you slip them on.

In terms of fit, they are very much true to size in length and a definite medium to wide fit width wise. For those in need of a comparison to the Predator Instinct, it is worth noting that they have a more narrow forefoot and you are going to experience a slightly tighter overall fit. The shape of the boot with its central lacing, mimics the construction of the original and that is evident when you slip them on.

Predator 94 vs Instinct

Compared to the Predator Instinct

In order to create a modernized boot, adidas use the Predator Instinct as a building base for the Predator 94. It is the soleplate where they are identical, with the Comfort Frame proving to be the perfect platform for a balanced release. When a boot is built on something called a Comfort Frame, you can immediately tell what the company making it is looking for players to experience. These are most definitely a comfortable boot and they are perfectly structured for wear right out of the box. The soleplate is flexible and the materials through the upper are plenty soft to adapt to your foot shape.

The upper of both boots is very different and that is a good thing, considering what they are! Combining a central lacing system, rubber fins right across the upper and an actual real leather as opposed to a synthetic microfiber are the primary differences. In reality, you are getting a completely different boot up top. Even though they are labelled as being part of the Instinct range, just think of them as being built on the Instinct soleplate – with that being the only key similarity.

adidas Predator Instinct 94 Details

adidas Predator Instinct 94 Comfort Frame

The Verdict

I absolutely love what adidas has done with this boot and it blows away any perceptions I had for a Predator 94 re-release. They have kept things simple visually, crossed over the key fundamentals of the range with the rubber fins, while ensuring comfort and functionality are at the forefront. When adidas announced that the Predator Instinct would weigh in at 10oz, eye-brows were raised. It now makes sense. Rather than trying to instill a modern, unbalanced, lightweight base, they took steps to ensure all releases in this series would mimic the originals in the most natural fashion.

Price and Where to Buy

As you would expect, this is a limited edition release and because of its appearance, I’m sure it is not going to last too long. If you want a pair, find them on right now – list price of $299.99.

Are they worth the money? If that is a question you find yourself asking, then these boots probably are not for you. In reality, no boot is really worth that money but as a limited edition re-release of one of the most iconic boots of all time, they are going to priced at a much higher scale. Knowing now what they are about, I would definitely pay to get my hands on a pair – they are worth the experience!

adidas Predator 94  Tongue (b)

adidas Predator 94  Tongue (a)

adidas Predator Instinct 94 Heel Design

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  1. Now, I am desperately waiting for the re introduction of the Predator Accelerator. Sure, the price tag is a bit hefty but the nostalgia factor and the “update” sometimes makes it bearable.

  2. Hi Bryan,, do they have "real" leather?

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