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A glance at the Predator Absolado LZ Indoor

Green and mean

So, I got the Predator absolado a few months back when soccer savings was running its amazing “buy one get one for $1” deal. I wasn’t extremely keen on actually using them in game and I only got them so I could get a pair of adiZero for a dollar. However, I was forced into introducing them into a game as I forgot to put my gear bag in my car so I had to deal with what I had lying around. End result, if you are looking for a quick pair of cheap boots to pick up give the absolado a go. Even if you just want to have it to wear around casually, they may not have a lot of appeal but they are a solid low tier option.

The zones

Quick note on the zones. They actually flow very well with the upper and in no way interfere with comfort or performance. It doesn’t interfere with ball feel either, it kind of enhances it a bit actually as you can feel the friction. The zones were decently effective in controlling the ball though not to an astounding degree. On a low level boot every bit helps, for the price you get a very decent edge.  The upper helps out too as it is pretty flexible after a few wears, this translates into comfort, just as long as you have the right size. They fit a bit wide and a quarter size long but I found my usual size worked well. After they had the break in run they are enjoyable.

Its available in a few sizes on SoccerSavings at a very nice price tag if you are looking for a quick boot to buy.

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