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Lotto Solista, Reflective Technology and A Great Deal!

Lotto Solista Brazil

If you haven’t heard about the Lotto Solista before, they are a boot constructed of a single piece microfiber with a smear reflector effect across the surface. This is a boot that steps up innovative techniques and brings an all new type of technology to the table – reflective visual cues. In other words, the Solista is designed to light up under the right conditions particularly when they are exposed to flashes of light.

This version, released in Reflective Silver with Green/Yellow/Blue detailing as a tribute to the World Cup in Brazil this past summer, offers a very unique pattern has been etched into the surface, giving them an even more unusual effect under lights.

As for the actual deal, this is absolutely worth checking out! Normally priced at $150, they can currently be purchased on soccer.com by Goal Club members at over 50% off. A final price of $72 is a pretty awesome deal that is well worth considering.

Find the Lotto Solista on Sale Here.

Light-it Up!

Under normal daylight conditions, the boot has a grey toned look to it. It is almost like the color of clouds on a stormy day, a very deep shade. Although it isn’t bright and funky like most boots on the market, it does have a decent look to it because they are so different. During day games, this is how your boots will look and there won’t be much to change that.

But, when the sun goes down or you are playing indoor under lights, the boot changes dramatically. Up close, they still have a grey look, but as the light hits the reflective surface from different angles, they really do light up. It is a very trippy effect and I had a lot of people asking about them and why they were flashing as I moved. It has that sort of disco ball effect, where light shoots off the surface when it hits it at the right degree.

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  1. I own a pair of the first Solista and they are a shockingly good boot for the price. It's a beautiful one piece upper.

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