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Adidas Release Supernatural Swamp Boots – Marketing 101!

Supernatural Predator PR Image 1

Here is a prime example of the advanced processes brands now present to fans as they look to promote their boots. In a world where new releases seem to hit the market every week, there is an importance in presenting your products in the best possible light.

For their latest set of releases, the “Supernatural” adiZero f50 and Predator Instinct, Adidas focused on a spooky, Halloween theme. I’m going to focus on the latter boot for this post, since they are the lead boot in the campaign. In order to pull it off, they created a swamp setting and brought us some of the following unique shots. Once you get past the fact that they took a perfectly great pair of Predator Instinct and dipped them in murky swamp water, you can appreciate the artistic direction they took.

The brand new Predator Instinct Supernatural, launched alongside the adizero f50 Supernatural, aims to thrill players and fans alike with inspiring luminous colours, as the skin of the Predator boots adapt and evolve in order to be seen on the darkest of nights.

Supernatural Predator PR Image 2

Supernatural Predator PR Image 6

Supernatural Predator PR Image 4

Supernatural Predator PR Image 5

What makes the new Predator Instinct so unique is the luminous skin that has been placed across the upper. It features a very light print design that has the appearance of crocodile skin. Using the swamp theme certainly plays in the boots favor in that respect. Visually, the upper is extremely visual and for those of you that watched BPL action this weekend, I think you will agree that they stand out dramatically. The images taken in this advertising campaign absolutely do the boots justice and the slightly lowered lighting used by Adidas is appropriate.

For those interested in pair of Supernatural Predator Instinct, find them at

Final note, does this design remind anyone of the f50i TUNiT from a distance? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Supernatural Predator PR Image 3

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