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Barcelona and PSG Fans Get NikeID Air Max 1 Option

nike id barcelona air max 1

If you are a Barcelona or Paris Saint Germain fan, you may be interested in the new option that Nike has provided for the two clubs on NikeID. You can now show your pride and represent your respective side with a new NikeID pair of Air Max 1s. Nike recently unleashed the option of adding the club’s historical crest on the heel, which is similar to the miAdidas version of adding a logo on a shoe. Each pair of shoes can be ordered in the team’s colors and can be customized to your exact specifications, just like all other NikeID shoes.

The Barcelona and PSG options can be found on NikeID and the predesigned options cost $175.

For the most dedicated fans that want to match up the home and away kits with shoes, both PSG and Barcelona’s shoes can be customized to meet the home and away kit colors. This means you can basically mix and match any color you favor and still be able to add the club crest on the heel. Another interesting feature that can be added is the two tone lace option. Similar to all other NikeID options, certain add-on features will increase the price, such as the Lunar midsole, which will set you back another $15.

marc bartra custom nike air max 1 barcelona
Marc Bartra also took to Instagram to show off his Custom Pair!

Both of the predesigned options for Barcelona and PSG actually look quite classy in my opinion but personally I think the price is way too high. I feel like if both options should be made into a regular or limited edition release that perhaps came with a slightly lower price tag. But despite the inflated price, it is nice to see that Nike is finally slowly adding on the option of having a crest on custom shoes, which has been a feature on miAdidas for quite some time. And for those based in Europe, there is also an option to customize the Nike Air Max 90 with PSG’s crest.

What do you guys think of the NikeID Barcelona and PSG custom Air Max 1s? let us know in the comments below!

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