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Zlatan Ibrahimovic Switching to Puma – Is It True?

Zlatan in Tiempo

If you haven’t heard, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has some sort of boot dilemma on his hands. For the past 8 seasons, he has been a Nike player, with the Mercurial Vapor series being his boot of choice. But this past week, as he recovered from injury, we spotted him wearing a pair of Nike Tiempo V in training sessions. How does he end up in a pair of Legends? That is a good question! It could be related to their comfort and high level of reliability. He could also be switching to something less noticeable in the Tiempo series as he weighs up his boot options, or maybe he is genuinely switching to a comfort boot.

But then comes the news that his Nike contract is set to expire. Could it be that Zlatan is choosing to ditch the swoosh and head elsewhere? Rumors are circulating that Puma is his desired destination. What an incredible switch that would be! Cesc Fabregas’ decision to switch across the same boundaries caused quite a stir – Zlatan’s would send shockwaves across the market. With Neymar and Ronaldo dominating everything Nike right now, maybe he just wants to be the focal player of a silo.

Zlatan Switching to Puma

Let’s say that he is set on moving, the question then is which boot does he wear? His options right now sit across three silo’s and there is an arguement for each. Vapor to evoSPEED would be a natural switch, but I’ve never been found of the big man wearing a speed focused boot. In my personal opinion, the evoPOWER would be the natural choice, as they are still lightweight but offer a little more power. The final option would be the King II – with no leading player for the silo in place, it seems like a very suitable option as he would automatically become the face of the legendary range, and what boot would be the ideal one to wear through the transition? You got it right – the Tiempo Legend!

Of course, it could also just be a ploy to bait Nike into a better contract – it would suck to lose a player with the skill level, abilities and marketing stature as Zlatan and you know that Nike are well aware of that. The guy is an enigma!

What is your take on this one? Will Zlatan switch and if so, what boot should we expect to see him wear?

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  1. Yes he will switch. Puma evoPower

  2. What about Balotelli?

  3. I can see it now: Zlatan Evopowers

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