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Even Rambo Needs a Little Balance in his Life

Little known fact: John Rambo often wore New Balance boots while blowing away Comintern soldiers
John Rambo blowing away Comintern soldiers

If you viewed Monday’s Boots and Bantz, you’ll know that Bryan mentioned Warrior Sports were planning on making a splash towards the end of the week. So, we decided to sit tight and wait, for When Saturday Comes, to see what the gang over at Warrior Sports had in store for us. I mean we figured if they were teasing it, it’d have to be mega.

Imagine our shock when Saturday came and well there was nothing, complete radio silence. Personally, I was staggered by the lack of news. At times during the day it was a struggle to maintain my balance. So I did what any confused party would do in my situation, I searched for a hidden meaning.  It took some time, and a little help from fellow SC101 scribe Ethan, who found an image on Welsh International Aaron Ramsey’s twitter feed.

Ramsey- New Balance
This image of Aaron Ramsey accompanied the tweet “Preparations done…can’t wait for tomorrow! #faw #wales”

As soon as I saw the image I channeled my inner Archimedes, screaming “Eureka!” It was obvious the big announcement wouldn’t be today, it’ll be tomorrow (November 16) during the Wales and Belgium match. It’ll be when Aaron “Rambo” Ramsey steps onto the pitch at the Koning Boudewijn Stadium with some New Balance on his feet. Ramsey’s tweet complete with his brand new, New Balance boots, shows that Warrior’s parent company is back in the soccer game.

Personally, I think the boot game will be better for it, New Balance have a reputation of building quality products, and I’m sure they will have done an incredible amount of research on both the market and what is available boot wise before making this mega decision to step into the breach. But at the moment we know next to nothing about their boot; aside from it’s on the feet of Aaron Ramsey above, and there seems to be a large “N” for New Balance on the lateral side of the boot.

Ramsey in what we now know is a New Balance boot in training (h/t
Ramsey in what we now know is a brand new, New Balance boot in training (h/t

There remains however an important question, what does this news mean for Warrior Sports’ soccer line? At the moment that is unanswerable. I would like to see them remain on the market place because they certainly offer a viable alternative to the big three, it remains to be seen whether or not their parental overlord will allow that. What I do know for sure is that you should definitely look into taking advantage of the great deals available on boots like the Gambler and the Superheat, just in case New Balance makes the decision that it’s wisest for business if their sub-brand needs to go the way of the Dodo Bird in the soccer boot game.

What are your thoughts on New Balance’s unexpected re-emergence on the soccer scene? Excited to see what they offer? Worried what this means for Warrior? Leave a comment below!

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