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Adidas Update the Second Generation Nitrocharge

Adidas Nitrocharge Orange Black

Along with the release of the all new 11Pro, adidas has launched an updated version of the Nitrocharge. A boot designed for “the engine”, they have quickly become the weapon of choice for box to box midfielders. This latest version features a rather retro Neon Orange forefoot meshed with a more traditional looking Black midfoot through heel.

There is a lot going on with the redesigned Nitrocharge, version #2 (not to be confused with 2.0 which is the mid-tier version). Adidas has re-positioned the system, choosing a more horizontal line rather than the angled shape we saw on the original. It’s purpose is to provide stability and additional energy through movement, specifically as players move laterally across the pitch. As a boot intended for players who like to hustle and bustle, working tirelessly trough a game, adidas also added more spring-back via a zig-zag design through the soleplate to enhance energy retention in play.

Nitrocharge Orange Forefoot

Nitrocharge detailing

Nitrocharge Upper

Personally, I found these boots to be a fabulous fit in all respects. They offer an ideal medium/wide width through the forefoot and sit perfectly snug across the top of your foot. Length wise, they are an absolute ideal true to size and will provide most players with a comfortable ride right from first wear.

The boots are stamped with the UEFA Champions League logo inside, a mark that these boots are designed to deliver on the biggest of all stages.

Retail wise, they are already ready to order for $199.99 on

Nitrocharge EnergyPulse

Nitrocharge Heel Portection

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  1. I don't like this boot, but this colorway is nice!

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