Thursday , March 23 2023

Black Friday Madness for Mizuno Fans

Morelia Neo Soccer Boots

Are you a Mizuno fan? Let’s face it of course you are! We’re all Mizuno fans, I mean we campaigned for ages to convince them to make their boots easily available to us North Americans. Now that they’re here and readily available there’s a Black Friday deal to be had over at, provided of course you are a Goal Club Member. Not a Goal Club Member? Well first off shame on you! But don’t worry you haven’t been left completely out, you just won’t get AS GOOD a deal as Goal Club Members!

Blue Wave Ignitus (7)

The Morelia Neo and Wave Ignitus III are available to Goal Club Members at what can only be described as a screaming deal when combined with the current Black Friday promotion.

For instance the Black/Lime colorway Morelia Neo a boot which retails at $225 regularly, drops to $143.99 if you’re a Goal Club Member. Adding on the Black Friday code of “14BLKFRI” at checkout sees the boot drop another $20 down to $123.99, which is an exceptional deal on a world class K-Leather speed boot! If you don’t happen to be a Goal Club Member, you still can get a great deal on the Morelia Neo as you’d be looking at a final price of $139.99 with the Black Friday code.


Not a speed fan? A set-piece specialist perhaps? You’re covered too! The Mizuno Wave Ignitus III, worn by Keisuke Honda has a regular retail price of $209.99. This drops down to $125.99 for Goal Club Members and with the $20 off orders over $99 code “14BLKFRI” sees the price drop again down to $105.99. Also while the best deal on the Morelia Neo is the Black/Lime colourway, both the Purple/Lime and the Directorie Blue/White colourways are covered by this epic deal. Non-Goal Club Members are still looked after as the final price for the Wave Ignitus III would be $119.99 after the Black Friday coupon code.

Mizuno Wave

Mizuno wave 2

To make sure you get the best deal possible I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that it is wisest to only order 1 pair of boots with the Black Friday deal, as the $20 off applies to the entire order over $99, as opposed to per item, so if you ordered say 2 pairs you’d be only getting an additional $10 off per pair as opposed to $20.

Looking to take advantage of this great deal on some great Mizuno boots? You’ll find the Morelia Neo in Black/Lime, Wave Ignitus III Purple/Lime, or the Wave Ignitus III Directorie Blue/White over at Once again don’t forget to enter the Black Friday code “14BLKFRI” at checkout to get the extra $20 off!!!

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