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Africa Cup Of Nations Match Ball Revealed – adidas Marhaba!

Adidas Marhaba

adidas and the Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) this week unveiled the Marhaba, what is set to be the Official Match Ball for the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations – and it looks good! The 2015 tournament is set to be played in Equatorial Guinea and the ball features a distinctive gold and blue coloring that represents the contrasting landscapes of the continent, from the Sahara desert to the bright azure sky.

As you’d expect, the Marhaba, like its counterparts in regional and international tournaments, has gone through a thorough testing process to make sure that it is suited to the playing conditions during the tournament. The technology incorporated into the bladder and carcass of Marhaba is identical to the Brazuca (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil) and the current Champions League Official Match Ball.

Adidas Marhaba CAF Ball

Adidas Marhaba Soccer Ball

Visually, this is a great looking ball. Adidas has kept things clean and the fact the design really embodies what you would expect for a ball used in a top international tournament. It features the same type of dimple casing we saw on the Brazuca, and as you can see from the above image the dimples move in unison with the natural curvature of each panel on the ball. It adds a unique aerodynamic element to the ball, and from prior experience gives it a very natural flight path. I’m definitely a fan and will be looking to get one of these in for testing over the coming weeks.

Retail wise, they will be available from December 1st – we will share details once they are listed!

What is your take on the Marhaba design?

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  1. wow I really love the look of this ball! in addition to that i was just wondering if you have taken a look at my most recent post on google plus because it seems that samir nasri was wearing some new balance boots vs bayern and i was wondering if you had spotted it yet sorry for the punctuation errors my keyboard is broken and some keys dont work

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