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A Preview of the Nike Elastico Superfly TF

Nike Elastico Superfly TF

After some careful prodding I was able to convince my family that all I needed for Christmas was a new pair of turf boots, as opposed to my two front teeth (writer’s note: I don’t NEED a new pair of turf boots, but I wanted a pair, and I currently have my two front teeth). I was also able to convince my family that the only turf boots I needed were the brand new Nike Elastico Superfly TF, which just so happens to be a boot I’ve been itching to try out, but just couldn’t justify spending $149.99 on.

Thankfully my family stepped up and took advantage of Black Friday to snag me a pair in the Midnight Fog/Hyper Crimson/Volt colourway (Note: The box disagrees with the listing reading a colour of Midnight Fog/White/Volt, which seems much more accurate); at a slight discount on the retail price. This was done on the provision that I would only be allowed to use them once before Christmas, which I will remember to discuss on the next Boots and Bantz. So, while a review is planned on them it won’t be until the new year; however, I can at the very least give a quick preview of the boots now that they’re in my house.

Nike Elastico Superfly TF Sole

Nike Elastico Superfly TF Front

Nike Elastico Superfly TF Top View

Taking delivery on the boot and opening the box I can say that what you encounter is a strange sighting indeed. I mean I expected the dynamic fit collar to lead to a higher looking boot than usual, but sometimes the pictures don’t necessarily do it justice. From the top of the collar to the bottom of the nubby studs on the heel measures in at 6 inches, which a bit ungainly on a soccer boot of any kind.

Nike Elastico Superfly TF side

The upper is also a bit unlike anything I’ve ever seen on a boot in person before. The flyknit upper is treated to a coating of Nikeskin on the lateral side of the boot which allows the flyknit material to remain visible on the boot. However, because most ball handing is done on the medial side of a boot, the forefoot and medial side of the boot are treated to an extra coating of Nikeskin. This in theory should prolong the life of the boot, and aesthetically it gives the medial side a completely different look to the lateral side of the boot.

Nike Elastico Superfly TF Closeup Sole

The soleplate of the boot is classic turf (ie. small plentiful nubby studs), which is perfect for play on any and all astro-pitches and in a pinch can do a job on super hard pitches too. It’ll be interesting to see what the low profile Elastico offers as a turf boot, as usually turf boots tend to sit a bit higher up off the turf. As a wearer of the Mundial Team on turf it’ll also be interesting to see how a more nimble boot performs.

The Elastico Superfly is definitely an interesting boot, and it’s definitely something I am excited to get into testing, even though I have to wait until after Christmas to do it, properly. However, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the surprise party piece which came with the boot.

Nike Elastico Superfly TF w/Bag

Yep a boot bag! I mean when you spend a hundred and fifty bucks you probably should get a boot bag, but in a pair of indoor or turf boots a boot bag is pretty much unheard of so it’s a very appreciated touch from the FC247 crew!

Are you curious about trying out a pair of Elastico Superfly’s? If you are you can pick up a pair from soccer.com, and you’ll definitely be the talk of your local match on the turf pitch!

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