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Getting Up Close With the Warrior Skreamer II


Warrior Skreamer II Up Close

It is odd what can come across in an image compared to what you find on the real thing! A few weeks back, the Warrior Skreamer II arrived in our door for the first time, one of the first pairs to hit US shores. Placed inside a standard Warrior Sports box and covered in a layer of paper, the Skreamer II is a lot different in hand when you see it for the first time!

The primary difference being that completely re-engineered Arrowhead Vamp, or the funky yellow pieces that sit across the upper. The concept behind these boots falls right in line with older models of the Predator range and the introductory Warrior model – provide extra power and swerve in a comfortable, formidable package. But where these differ is that each yellow piece is raised right off the surface of the boot, giving it a very textured feel. Each individual piece settles a few millimeters off the surface to create a 3-D dimensional effect that we haven’t quite seen on any make or model boot in the past.

Skreamer II Side View

Warrior Skreamer II Detailing

It gives the boot a very dynamic feel and this comes into play while in game and on the ball. You don’t get that exact natural feel, even though the upper is a softer synthetic material than the original release. Instead, you get some extra rebound and an area that becomes a perfect weapon for players who like to strike shots or play long balls across the field.

During the release phase of the series, we were introduced to plenty of images. But none really captured just how overpowering the design is. Everything about the boot is pretty outlandish and definitely intended to provide a whole new type of performance on pitch.

In terms of traction, they are best suited to FG surfaces. If you usually play on AG or turf surfaces, you won’t get the most out of these as they have lateral drag in the dense material. On the soleplate you will find Warrior’s signature FG War Plate with angled ClawTec Blades. Each blade features a transparent tip that actually sits longer than your traditional blade design. On natural grass, where the surface is slightly soft from rain, they really grip the surface perfectly as you plant and allow for smooth takeoff without causing drag on release. Use them where they are intended to get the most out of them!

Skreamer II Upper

Skreamer II Soleplate

The only somber part about this release is the fact that we are about to see the Warrior Sports brand be replaced by New Balance, and in this change we don’t foresee the range continuing in this current style. In order words, we are bringing you an up close look at a boot that won’t be around too much longer. The remaining stock out there is likely to be the last we see, but there is good news in that fact. If you are interested in a pair, you are absolutely in luck right now. For their current price, they will provide a completely new type of performance that you are unlikely to have experienced before but need to – if they suit your playing style, pick up a pair!

Normally priced at $199, you can currently find the Warrior Skreamer II listed at soccer.com for a pretty awesome $89.99 (Goal Club).

For those that want to see the boot in a little more detail, check out our unboxing below. You will can get a better dimensional sense of what they have on offer.

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