Friday , December 1 2023

Adidas Add a Crazyquick Turf Boot to the Freefootball Line

Adidas Freefootball  Crazyquick

Could Adidas be taking a run at Nike for control of the North American small sided soccer boot market? It  certainly seems that way, Adidas are in the midst of a full court press when it comes to the Freefootball line. Earlier this week we introduced the Freefootball Boost Messi, which is designed for the player who’s looking to play anywhere, anytime.

But the Freefootball line hasen’t just been retooled in the court department as adidas has also released a new turf specific boot – the Freefootball Crazyquick.

Freefootball Crazyquick Soleplate

Freefootball Zerotex

Freefootball Crazylight Heel

The Crazyquick features a lightweight synthetic upper dubbed Zerotex, this is also teamed up with the increasingly more popular 3 dimensional waffle like pattern on the entire forefoot of the boot. For those curious about Zerotex it was first mentioned in relation to the Adizero 99g concept boot, so it’s safe to say there’s a bit of research which has gone into development of the Crazyquick.

The heel the the same mesh material which pretty much every boot in the Freefootball series is. It’s designed to be both weight saving and breathable at the same time; and styling wise is the only place on the boot outside the tongue that you’ll find the traditional 3 stripes.

Freefootball  Crazyquick

Freefootball Crazyquick Turf

The upper is not the only place where Adidas have put in some research. The sole is markedly different from most turf boots in that the turf studs sit at different heights, which to quote some buzzspeak allows the boot to have “adaptive ground control on turf fields”. What I can take from that is that all turf pitches are not created equal, and the sole of the Crazyquick has been designed with that in mind, to offer suitable traction no matter the quality of the turf. How well it works out remains to be seen, but it is an interesting concept, and it’s nice to see Adidas doing something different with the Freefootball line.

The Adidas Freefootball Crazyquick is available in two colourways; Clear Onix/Core Black/Semi Solar/Yellow or Core Black/Urban Peak/Semi Solar Yellow and retails for $79.99.

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  1. So… are these for AstroTurf or Artificial Grass?
    … or both?

  2. Are you going to have a review of these?

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