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Soccer.com’s 12 Days of Deals Day 1 – National Jerseys for $19.99!

Jersey Deal Day1
Soccer.com has begun a 12 day fiasco that they are naming “12 Days of Deals” and they are starting it off with a bang! For Day 1, they are offering National Team Jerseys starting at $19.99! If you are in the market for a great holiday gift or just want to take advantage of a deal on replica jerseys, then this is definitely the deal for you! They have a respectable number of World Cup jerseys on sale, some of the more popular ones being Spain, England and Mexico for a shockingly low $19.99 in many adult sizes. For a slightly more $24.99 they have Holland, Brazil, Argentina and Italy. Most of the jerseys on sale cost around $80.00 retail so hurry over to soccer.com as this deal may be gone before you know it!

Brasil World Cup Kits

Oftentimes, the lowest price a site advertises is misinforming as they either have very limited selection or an obscure teams, but this deal is quite the opposite. The National Teams that are on sale are all quite popular, and there are even some less popular teams that have been put on sale. Also, the selection of sizes seems to quite wide so if acted upon quickly then there just might be something for you!

spain world cup jersey 2014

Be sure to keep an eye out for the other 11 days, because if this first day is any indication of what is to come then there are going to be some great sales! As there are 11 more days, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw all ranges of boots, balls, and gear that could be quite useful for the upcoming season or even the approaching indoor season.

What do you think about the “12 Days of Deals” from soccer.com and how about that price? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Maybe it is a good time again to remind people to shop carefully and be fully vigilant not to buy from websites selling fake merchandise. We are tempted to buy high end stuff for low prices. I see many kids spending 100 on what they think a unique SUPERFLY or F50 and end up with some piece of junk.
    I recall you guys hand an article a while back about identifying fake cleats.
    Happy Holidays

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