Friday , January 27 2023

A First Hand Look at What Adidas Has Done With the 11Pro

Adidas 11Pro Unboxing

We might be well into testing the Adidas 11pro (with a review to come real soon) but we still wanted to bring you our firsthand unboxing in order to give you a quick intro to what the latest release is all about.

I’m going to let the video below do all the talking, but there is one important aspect of the boots I wanted to add. This is not a Hypervenom remake or a copy of any Nike release. There seems to be some confusion on that end. Adidas has created an upper composed of a very thin K-leather across a lattice, support cage system. This is what creates the very modest criss-cross like effect. Its main purpose or function is not to create a more textured touch on the ball, although it definitely does. Instead, it is all about ensuring the material fits naturally across the foot for the entire lifespan of the boot.

To date, there has been two colorways released in the series, both with different intended styles. The release edition came in a more traditional Black colorway, while this version is officially listed as White/Orange.

Find both pairs available at for $184.99.

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  1. Bryan, please do a play test with it!

  2. it is worth noting that the newest colourway of the Predator Instinct does not have the velcro under the tongue. It still retains the velcro on the heel.

  3. I love this colourway though

  4. Bryan I’m thinking to buy a new boot and ı have two options adidas 11pro and tiempo legacy. I would want to buy 11pro but I’m a little suspicious about its durability. I heard pro boots are not as durable as takedowns. Also ı will get the fg version of 11pro because ı only have the fg version discounted.but i will use them on ag. Using a pro boot on wrong ground may be harmful. What would you recommend?

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