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Adidas “Pure Leather” Collection Arrives – Whats on Offer?

Pure Leather Pack from Adidas

Have you been waiting for something extra special to treat yourself to this Christmas? Perhaps it’s something very special, if that’s the case, Adidas have kept you in mind! With nine shopping days to Christmas, “The Three Stripes” have really done something special releasing the Pure Leather Collection. Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to wear a K-Leather version of the adizero F50? What about the Predator Instinct or Nitrocharge?

Well now you can thanks to this Limited Edition release from Adidas which is available exclusively through So what does the package offer other than luxurious looks and the air of exclusivity? Let’s find out.

adidas Pure Leather Pack

First up is the F50 adizero. Adidas’ speed boot has been given a classy looking makeover. Out are the usual loud colours and synthetics, replaced by the classy supple K-Leather and more classic black and white livery. The classic colourway is also teamed up with just a hint of gold on the heel (sporting the international symbol for genuine leather), which accents the boot perfectly. Performance wise you can expect something different from the traditional F50 fare. Despite using the same Sprint Frame soleplate as the current F50 the K-Leather version weighs in at 8.1oz, which is obviously due to the natural material as opposed to the synthetic. The upper, will mold to your foot in ways a synthetic never could and also feature some stitching one the forefoot which should be aid more with dribbling and controlling the ball.




The Pure Leather F50 is available for $229.99.

Pred Instinct

Probably the most radical boot in the collection is the Predator Instinct. The K-Leather upper sees the Instinct’s trademark technology  replaced entirely with a unique cross-stitched upper, which breeds the question. What will this do to the traditional Predator performance? The answer at the moment is unknown, however, just from aesthetics you can tell that this boot is more about class than it is gadgets and gizmos. Speaking of the aesthetics, how classy looking is this boot?!? Everything about it screams class, and the off centred lacing system opens up a large smooth strike zone for shooting. Also for those wondering the K-Leather upper has seen the weight move from 9.8oz to 10.8oz, but that’s something which won’t affect performance at all.

Pred Instinct4

Pred Instinct3

Pred Instinct5

The Pure Leather Predator Instinct is available in limited sizes for $229.99.


Finally, we come to the K-Leather Nitrocharge 1.0. The Energysling technology makes way here so that the entire forefoot of the boot can receive the K-Leather treatment. The protective mesh rear portion of the boot is also replaced by leather to keep a more uniformed look on the boot. On the soleplate, however, the Energypulse system has been retained which will still give wearers that additional jump when they push off at the start of a sprint. It will be interesting to see how the Nitrocharge plays without the Energysling, but definitely gives the boot a classic appearance. Also weight wise the Nitrocharge sees a jump in weight up to 10.4 oz from 8.4oz.


The Pure Leather Nitrocharge 1.0 is available for $209.99.

So which edition of the Pure Leather Collection, tickles your fancy the most? Will you be buying a pair? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. these boots look awesome.

  2. The predator! I don't think I can afforf it!!

  3. I wish I could try all these on before picking one. But what about the new adipure? Shouldn't that be part of this too?

    • Not as such. The newest 11pro conveniently featuring a K-Leather upper is actually completely separate from the Pure Leather Collection. This was about bringing K-Leather to the other three silos.

  4. Look at the placement of the stripes on the adizeros in the first photo, and then in the close ups. It’s different. Which is the real placement on boots that we would receive if we ordered them?

  5. Bought 2 of the Nitrocharges…They are great!!!

  6. Ooooh! Me likey! I'll definitely have to look at one of these for my next pair! I'm glad they are seeing the benefits of leather again.

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