Friday , May 26 2023

How Has Adidas Taken the Predator Instinct to “Pure Leather”?

Predator Instinct Leather

What a release this one is – sure to be an unexpected yet fully welcomed release for all styles of players. Who could have ever anticipated seeing a K-Leather version of the Predator Instinct, but that is exactly what we have here.

In order to create the final product, adidas had to trim down the package and remove the signature Leathal Zones found on the Instinct series. You can immediately spot the difference, and to the untrained eye these boots might look like an heritage boot rather than an iconic Predator.

Pred Instinct L

Pred Instinct Leather

Right out of the box, you are going to encounter a completely different type of performance. Essentially, what adidas has done is taken the Predator silouhette and added a fresh leather style design. Featuring a classic Black/White design, they are without doubt going to make the perfect partner for any player focused on a more simple design with a reliable feel.

The gold symbol on the heel recognizes the fact that these boots are created using a leather material. Normally, we only see this added as a punched symbol on the side of the boot. But on this occasion, adidas wants fellow players knowing exactly what you have on your feet – or creating conversation so people are exposed to the design.

Retail wise, you can currently find these listed at for $229.99.

What is your take on this one? And does it make sense to replace Lethal Zones with a leather upper?

Leather Pred

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  1. I prefer the instinct with the SL rubber zones, but these look the part. They are a simply awesome boot. By the way, if you are inviting people to join in with the weekly Boots and Bantz, can you also do it on FB?

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