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Introducing the Puma King II EF+

Puma King II EF+

We all know that Puma is not afraid to add something just a little different to their existing line-up in order to create something just a little more special. Last week it was the King SL Classico, which was more focused on celebrating the history of SL releases. This time around it is a boot set on creating the ultimate fit – and Puma are definitely on to something with it!

Taking the Puma King II EF+ out of the box for the first time was a pretty awesome experience. These boots reek quality and represent what current day, modern focused designs are all about. Visually, they are stunning and the addition of lined, textured panels adds a stylish take on a touch/control component.

King II EverFit+

Puma King II EverFit

Let me shift the wording of that previous statement just a bit, as the textured ridges are actually part of the comfort system placed on the boot. They are actually strategically positioned in order to cover specific bones in the foot and allow for a a more natural and secure fit. In order to make it work, Kevlar cables are used – yes Kevlar. Now, we are familiar with the fact that Kevlar is not the type of material that will offer stretch or move with your foot. And that is why Puma has offset, or misaligned each individual strand across the boot. Thus the term “strategically positioned”. By doing this, it reduces the constrictive nature found on the boots like the original Superfly. And, it also ensures the boot offer a consistent, long term fit without overstretch.

Ultimately, these boots are all about comfort and fit – as you might have gathered from the naming convention, EverFit+ is their focus. Where the King II has an EverFit cage, this boot has an equally technically advanced construction but in a very different fashion. Plus, you have to wonder how the ridges caused by the infused Kevlar cables is going to function on pitch. Could there be a little bit of extra power to go with these? Also, worth noting, they weigh in at 7oz exactly, which is a solid point for a comfort focused boot featuring a leather upper and some added technology!

I’m still working on figuring these out and since they only arrived in today, I haven’t had a chance to break them in to action. That will happen soon, but from simply putting them on and having them in hand, I can tell that there is something really special about these boots. Stay tuned for further details on how they perform.

For those of you looking to check out a pair for yourself, head to – retail $199.99.

Puma King EF+ Kevlar Cables

Puma King II EF+ Top View

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  1. Awesome. I can't wait for the full review. This will be my next purchase and I want to see what you guys think about this new release and how the new technology work especially with the fit. I'm really thrilled to see that Puma are not abandoning the iconic King silo. Too bad that they don't have a super star wearing Kings right now. Maybe Yaya should come back to this silo.

  2. And that is why Nike has offset, or misaligned each individual strand across the boot. Bryan, isn't this a puma boot?

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