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Adidas Launch “There Will Be Haters” Campaign

adidas Soccer today launches the #ThereWillBeHaters film that stars Gareth Bale, James Rodriguez, Luis Suarez and Karim Benzema. As part of the package, we get a first hand look at the latest range of cleats set to be released in the brand’s four silos: adizero F50, Predator Instinct, Nitrocharge and 11Pro.

The new spot features the title track “Battle Royale (Haters Instrumental VIP)” by Apashe and demonstrates how Bale, James, Suarez and Benzema – with their perceived lifestyles, unparalleled performance and the best cleats in the game – are easy targets for haters. The film illustrates exactly how, why and what the haters hate about these global stars: their outstanding achievements on the field of play and the cleats that drive these incredible performances. “They hate your shiny new boots. They hate your boots, because they wish they were in them.”

Check out the entire #ThereWillBeHaters pack at

There will be haters

Suarez with F50

Bale, James, Suarez

Gareth Bale There will be haters

It is an interesting take as it directly targets those that would normally criticize adidas releases. This time around, those comments are going to immediately be met with “you are just a hater” response, so basically you are playing into the brands hands! It creates dialogue, increases the audience that will see the boots and most definitely targets a younger audience. There is a dynamic angle to this campaign that gives it something “different”!

The world’s most hated players will officially debut the all-new adizero F50, Predator Instinct, Nitrocharge and 11Pro on field January 23, to order the boots, head to or

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  1. the 11Pro is the best looking 11Pro that i have ever seen in the last 2 generations.

  2. In the picture there are five pairs of boots. What is the pair of shoes on the right that are non fg boots?

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