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Umbro Introduce The Speed Focused “Velocita” – Glory For All!

Umbro Velocita Speed

Umbro are back on the market with a brand new speed boot and there is something about these that is sure to attract player attention. It is the Umbro Velocita, a 5.8oz acceleration machine, intended to “bring some glory to your game” as you twist and turn away from defenders, leaving them in your wake as you bound forward and strike a flame laden ball into the upper V.

In order to take the Velocita to the levels of the lightest football boots in the world, rigorous development and testing was needed. So, Umbro went to leading sports university Loughborough, and had the Velocita specifically engineered to offer a level of comfort for 90 minutes and beyond. Every element of the boot has been labored over, down to the laces which have been flattened akin to runner’s spikes. The outsole is built for ‘fast’ speed in all directions, improving agility by mimicking natural foot motion and traction with a unique Umbro stud configuration. On the side of the boot, Umbro’s highly regarded A-Frame cradled is again featured, which offers additional support through the midfoot.  

Umbro Velocita Side Profile

Umbro Velocita Upper

Visually, these are a very streamlined looking boot, with several angled design elements throughout creating a very modern and sophisticated appearance. They also hold some similar attributes to what we saw on the original adiZero f50 series. That is not to say that the performance will in any way be similar, but there are certain elements that correspond. For example, what looks like a SprintFrame with supported heel structure. In a sense, this is a great direction for Umbro to take, especially since they have been lacking in the area of speed for a while now. If they perform as well as they look, they could be a real winner.

Umbro Velocita Soleplate

Umbro Velocita Stud Configuration

Finding a way to fly under the radar and introduce an unexpected release is something we rarely see in the current market. Social media controls what is available and once an image is posted, it can easily go viral. Here is a unique example of a brand doing it the right way. Add to that the extremely unique intro video (seen below) and there is something extra special about these boots. Clearly Umbro has taken a quite different marketing approach, with less star power and high powered graphics. It seems to be all about reaching players that want to enjoy playing the game, leaving their mark no matter what level they play at. Refreshing!

In terms of availability, these will hit US shores, with Dick’s Sporting Goods their first destination. We also anticipate them to arrive on at some point, but neither have confirmed dates just yet!

We are also awaiting a pair that are on their way – so expect to hear more details and a review. But for now, take a minute and enjoy the epic nature that is Umbro’s take on “Glory For All!”

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