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Unboxing the Umbro Velocita Presentation Case

Umbro Velocita Presentation Case

You always have to appreciate when a company goes out of their way to ensure there is something “just a little extra special” about a new release. It shows a higher level of confidence in their final product, that they want it to be showcased and profiled to a wider audience. When it comes to the Umbro Velocita, I can already see why!

This huge box arrived in today and rather than simply opening it there and then, I decided it was worth recording in case it was some sort of presentation case. Well, considering it’s size, it had to be something in a presentation case. Labelled as an incoming shipment from Umbro and featuring some diamond style patterns on the outside, it seemed destined to be an Umbro product.

Here is how the Unboxing went down (you can also see it on YouTube).

Umbro Glory For All

There is a lot to like about these boots and you can already tell that they have HUGE potential. Umbro hasn’t had a true speed boot on offer for a while now, it is an area where they have needed investment. At 5.8oz these sit among the lightest boots currently on the market. To make it work, the right type of construction is needed.

From initial interaction, we can tell you that the upper material is extremely impressive. It is a microfiber that is very thin and extremely soft, probably one of the most pliable synthetic materials we have ever seen. Across the forefoot, Umbro has placed a micro dimple texture, similar to what you would find on a golf ball except much less defined on the boots. It will be interesting to see how it feels on the ball, and a more important question is how durable will it be over time?

Umbro Velocita Upper

Umbro Velocita Speed Boot

Velocita Boot Design

Umbro Velocita Soleplate

Then there is that speedcentric soleplate, clearly intended for lightening quick movement and dynamic turns. There are lots of angles and defined lines throughout. Adding to the personalized Umbro appearance, several of the studs feature a diamond like design. Then there is the implementation of a high profile heel counter that is very much in the mold of the Adidas SprintFrame. It is an area where we start to see multiple similarities between the silos – and realistically, this could prove to be one of the smartest moves we have seen from Umbro!

As you’d expect, we are ready to break these out and get into testing them. Stay tuned for any updates we have on performance and reliability.

In terms of availability, these will hit US shores, with Dick’s Sporting Goods their first destination. We also anticipate them to arrive on at some point, but neither have confirmed dates just yet!

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  1. Bryan, after reading the post, can I safely assume that the upper is like the Nike Mecurial Vapor IX? As in the dimple texture.

  2. To me this looks nearly identical to the original F50 Adizero. Is the upper really that much softer?

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