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Milémil – Keeping Traditional Boots Alive!

Milémil Boots

You might have noticed there has been a dramatic increase in the number of boot releases in recent times, with brands such as Nike, Adidas and Puma placing a distinct emphasis on bright designs and performance enhancing technology. It is the modern market and we have become accustomed to the “next best thing”. Sometimes we just need a reminder of where the game has come from and the simple boot designs that made the game what it currently is.

Here is the perfect example of a small company that has taken an old school design into the modern age, continuing an honored legacy in boot designs. Milemil is a relatively new company that is looking to keep a tradition alive. Their goal is simple; create a boot fully manufactured in France, featuring fine quality leather and lined with organic cotton.

Milemil France

The end result and market released boot has us intrigued.

We have some additional information about this brand to bring you real soon – in the form of a pair of boots that are currently on the way for review. Until then, check the video below that illustrates some of the manufacturing process. It offers a beautiful look at what happens behind the scenes and how a boot is handcrafted.

If you want to see their line-up of boots, head to Milé

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  1. Well if these are on the same level as my Pantofola d"Oro boots then I will purchase a pair for sure. I am interested so far.

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