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Mizuno Take The Wave Ignitus 3 To “Diva Blue”

Mizuno Wave Ignitus in Diva Blue

It seems like a while since we have had the opportunity to share something new from the folks at Mizuno. Their initial introduction to the US market was met with a wave of positivity – since there hasn’t been too much to report. In the past week weeks, they have become active with some fresh new colorways and finally we have a pair of the latest Mizuno Wave Ignitus in hand to profile.

Featuring a one-coat Diva Blue/White colorway, Mizuno has taken a fresh new approach with this design. The Wave Ignitus has been treated to multiple colors and specific detailing on previous editions, so the decision to go blue gives these a different look. When you add a metallic swirl effect on the upper, it takes these to ultra special mode. This is a design created for those that want something different to the standard style!

You can find the Diva Blue colorway currently listed at

Mizuno Wave Ignitus Upper

Wave ignitus Strike Technology

Mizuno Wave Ignitus 3 Mukaiten

Tatekaiten, Yokokaiten and Mukaiten

Rather than just having the extremely reknowned Mukaiten panel, Mizuno has upped the power of the strike zone by adding 2 new regions. The Tatekaiten and the Yokokaiten each provide a different type of shooting characteristic to the boot. My description of each region won’t do it justice, so instead here is how Mizuno has described each areas role:

  • The top of the foot was then layered with a fin shaped technical panel called Tatekaiten (Japanese for top spin). When the strategically placed fins make contact and rub against the ball during the kicking motion, they force the ball to rotate with 17% increased ball revolutions. The improved (longitudinal) ball revolutions deliver more pace to the ball and when struck with Honda’s unique forward kicking technique the ball rises then dips at a forceful pace. A great tool for deadball situations like free kicks, when the player wants to get the ball up and over the wall at enough speed to beat the keeper.
  • Further along the vamp area, the technical panel also features another new update, in the form of a more flexible Yokokaiten (Japanese for side spin) panel on the instep which creates extra (latitudinal) ball revolutions for improved side-spin and accuracy when wanting to curl the ball.
  • Also following on from the Ignitus series, the Mukaiten Panel (Japanese for non-spin) is still ever present in this third edition. As the original technical USP the application of non-spin movement, reduces the rotation of the ball making ‘deadball situations’ even more lethal. As the ball flies towards the net it dips and swerves making it difficult for keepers to judge its path.

Wave Ignitus 3 Diva Blue Profile

When It To Shape And Fit

This is the type of release that really won’t suit all foot shapes as effectively as a regular boot. Where other releases have the ability to adapt and adjust to a players foot shape over time, the Wave Ignitus is pretty much set in stone, with some uncommon differences. For example, the heel shape is very different to what you might expect. The heel counter on the boot forces the walls of the boot in around your ankle and this produces a tight fit from first wear. It almost cups the entire heel. Thankfully, Mizuno use plenty of cushion through the region ensuring it is ultra comfortable. If you need a tight fit around your ankle, they are a great boot to consider.

In terms of length they are true to size and very much on par with most other releases on the market. Where they differ is in the width through the boot. If you need or like a spacious fit around that region, stay away from there! In terms of the forefoot, you get a pretty wide fit that should suit most players. There is some give, so players who need an extra wide fit can definitely consider them as a suitable alternate to buying custom width shoes.

Selecting A Pair

If this is a colorway that takes your fancy, it leaves you in a slight pickle. Why? Well, if you check the full Wave Ignitus Line-up (on, you will notice that the initial versions are listed as low as $99 for Goal Club members – do you really want to pay an extra $100 for a colorway? For some of you it might be the case. But do consider your options before making a final decision!

Wave Ignitus Heel Design

Wave Ignitus 3 Stud Config

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