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Up Close: Mizuno Morelia Neo Goes Blaze Red

Mizuno Morelia Neo Blaze Red

When it comes to boots suited to fix your need for traditional performance in a heritage package, the Mizuno Morelia Neo sits as one of the prime options. Added to the classic package is this extremely vibrant Blaze Red colorway and it is tasty. From a distance, they have a standout effect, but it is up close and in hand when you really get to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each pair – the color highlighting the details. Adding to the look, the RunBird is very distinguishable in a standard white along the side of the boot.

We had the opportunity to test the Morelia Neo a while back, and the results were extremely impressive. Mizuno mesh together high quality materials with top class, super comfortable fit and somehow manage to pack it into a lightweight 6.3oz package. Compared to the market, it is one of the lightest speed boots out there, especially when you consider it features a K-leather upper!

Available from

Red Morelia Neo Featured

Mizuno Morelia Neo RunBird

Morelia Neo K-leather Upper

Morelia Neo Heel

Realistically, it is the simplicity of this release that makes it a true winner. Mizuno hasn’t cut corners in terms of quality but they have kept the boot to a minimum in terms of materials and technology. The entire body of the shoe is made of quality materials, pieced together with little fuss; the upper is a K-leather, very soft with some pleasant stitching; the tongue is a single piece of material that has no padding; the heel is lined with a light suede grip material; the soleplate flexes with ease and doesn’t feature any advanced spine or stud configuration. It all seems basic and mundane, but it comes together in the most elegant way, a mix of tradition styling with a modern fit and weight, to produce one of the best boots we currently have on the market. Many companies have tried similar designs and failed. Where Mizuno get it right is the details and how they craft a boot designed to suit the player.

Morelia Neo Soleplate

One important aspect of the boot worth highlighting is the stud configuration and its multi-purpose use. So many players play on both Artificial and Natural surfaces these days, resulting in the necessity of a boot that transcends efficiently between both. This is one of the boots that manages to provide players with clean performance in most conditions. It has a lot to do with the low profile nature of the studs, they provide proper grip where the surface is firm. In similar fashion to the effective Puma King 2013, the conical, low profile stud configuration offers enough foot movement without being too loose on the surface. What makes these even more effective is how flexible the soleplate is, without taking away from the rebound factor. The bend just below the big-toe socket very easily, but spring back into place when you release. They are very nicely balanced and provide a smooth, comfortable ride as a result.

And the best part is that this colorway (and most Mizuno boots) is now available to buy in the US. You also get a boot bag included in the box.

For those interested in snagging a pair, find them on

Mizuno Morelia Neo in Boot Bag

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  1. Just got 1 pair, 1st wear and 2nd wear caused blisters at my heels..

    Boots were to my sizing..

    Anyone encounter blister issue too?

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