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Adidas Release Limited Edition adiZero f50 Tattoo Pack

Adidas F50 adiZero Tattoo Pack

Another day and another extremely creative special edition release from the folks at Adidas. This time it is the they are launching a dramatic limited edition re-design of the adizero f50 as part of the #ThereWillBeHaters collection – the new adizero f50 Tattoo Pack. Where we were talking blackout boots earlier this week, this release takes a completely opposite approach, offering a visual effect that is literally going to be impossible to miss on pitch!

 The design of the adizero f50 Tattoo Pack represents the creativity and self-expression that only the very best players are capable of. The left and right boots feature separate motifs that bring to life the themes of “love” and “hate”.

Available on pre-order through (Limited Supply!)

Adidas Tattoo Pack Front

Adidas F50 Tattoo Pack Left and Right

Adidas F50 Tattoo Pack Left Boot

The right boot features a menacing black skull motif emphasizing strength, power and hatred. It is the one designed to throw in the face of your opponent and strike fear – perfect for players who are right footed and like to score goals. The left boot is designed with bright colors and diverse designs including a rose design that symbolize a player’s love of the game.

As you’d expect, adidas keep all the same technology found on the current f50 release intact. The 3D dribbletex layer on the upper optimizes speed dribbling in all conditions while the wild teeth design, stud configuration and second level of traction on the forefoot base provide maximum maneuverability in tight playing situations.

Adidas f50 adiZero Tattoo Pack Heel

Adidas f50 Tattoo Pack Soleplate Design

 If you have “haters”, then it’s the ultimate compliment. The best players know that a great performance delivers “hate” from fans and opponents, particularly on social media, which then continues to fuel the confidence to deliver even greater performances. They thrive off it – and they make no apology in doing so.

For those that want a pair, a limited number of Tattoo Pack boots will be available to purchase from Monday 9th March through

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