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Who Has Been Searching For A Pair of Puma V1.08?

Puma V1.08 Available

As recent boot history goes, there is one particular pair that has frequented the “top unavailable boots” of a lot of readers out there. That boot is the Puma V1.08 an we we have found a selection of them available in an unusual spot – for a pretty awesome $81.90.

Not necessarily recognized for their comfort, the V1.08 was one of the first boots that truly galvanized Puma’s ability to produce quality speed boots. Nicolas Anelka was one of many players who wore the V1.08 during their release in 2009. It fits in the lightweight category, at 7.6oz, and is designed (as you would expect) for speed.  Over the past few years, we have received many requests on where to find pairs, and although they have been available from time to time on eBay, these prices and listings are the absolute best we have seen in a long time.

Doing some research, we traced them back to a store in England. Everything about them seems legit, and there is positive feedback available as reference. Given their pretty affordable price and the fact you can get “free shipping” when you order, it provides the perfect opportunity for players to get their hands on a boot they might have forgotten even existed.

Sizing might produce some issues for players. When I purchased the V1.08 in the past, I went for a half size up on my normal size. Normally I would wear a 9US, but the 9.5US was a great fit. My advice – definitely order up at least a half size in the V series for the right fit.

See the entire Puma V1.08 Line-Up at

Amazon line-up of V1.08

Before the comments flow in, we are well aware that is a pair of V1.10 located in the bottom right – also available for $81!

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