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Anyone Snag A Pair of Superfly Kickasso “St. Patrick’s Day”?

Green Nike Superfly Kickasso

Custom styled boots by Kickasso. Only 5 pairs released at $499.99. They sold out in less than 1 minute. What a start to St. Patrick’s day!

If you missed it, which I think  lot of you did, WorldSoccerShop released a limited edition boot in collaboration with World-renowned shoe artist Kickasso. These limited edition custom St. Patrick’s Day Nike Mercurial Superfly boots featured plenty of celtic styling through the upper in a green graphic. From images, you can see how spiral symbols have been added that represent energy and unity. It is a very expressionist piece that highlights the same art you’d find on high crosses and relics right through the Irish countryside.

Underneath, it looks like pairs of the “White Knight” Superfly were used as the base boot for the overall design.

St. Patrick's Day Nike Mercurial Superfly

As the story now goes, limited edition releases like this are becoming more common place and we expect to see a lot more hit the market as we move forward. The big question is would you pay the $500 price tag for a boot that is essentially intended to be a work of art? How many of you out there would even wear them if you were handed a pair for free? Give is your honest take on it below. were the first established soccer retailer to take advantage of Kickasso’s artistic talent, keeping it in the family this time around he took to designing them for WSS. Kickasso designs shoes for the world’s top athletes including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Dwayne Wade, and more. These very limited edition boots use a patented technique to ensure the paint does not wear with actual play. If you want to see more of Kickasso Kustom’s work, check him out on Instagram.

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