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What Can You Expect From the Limited Edition Nike Magista “Rough Green”?

Rough Green Obra

Nike is back with a fresh new Limited Edition run in the Magista series. This latest colorway is listed as a Rough Green and brings another clean look to the agility focused range. That Rough Green color sits right under the primary Black-on-Black design, with the lining of the upper and the mid-cut color taking on the deeper tone. It is the lining in between the textured honeycomb paneling along the upper that takes on the forest like hue. Matched with a very dynamic Solar Orange swoosh outline on the side of the boot, and this becomes a release with serious attitude!

Even with its Limited Edition status, there are plenty of opportunities to get your hands on a pair with this look. It has been a while since we have looked through the entire Magista range (Obra, Opus, Orden, Onda), so we thought this would be a great opportunity to breakdown exactly what is on offer!

All of these boots can be found here, on

Magista Obra  Rough GreenNike Magista Obra

The key asset in the Magista series and the boot designed to push boundaries! When Nike introduced the Obra to market, it was immediately met with puzzled looks from fans who wondered what the mid-cut collar was all about. When added to the Flyknit upper, it creates a boot that is designed for agility and meeting players needs on a 360 degree basis.

It also comes with the highest pricepoint, this limited edition version retails for $274.99, meaning only a selsect number of players will have the opportunity to really understand what they have to offer. If you are considering a pair, note that they are very accommodating space wise, with ample stretch in the upper to give a truly glove like fit. they weigh in at 7.2oz.

Magista Opus Rough GreenNike Magista Opus

Seen as a high end release, the Opus provides players with a more secure set of performance characteristics, with the highlight being a textured upper designed to provide clean touch and control on the ball. The same soleplate is in play and the concept of the upper is very similar. But, the inclusion of a performance mesh, Kangalite and Nikeskin technology combine to create an alternate feel and styling.

Even with their lower price point, this is a boot that retails at $199.99. Considering the more democratic nature of this boot, it provides a safer play than the Obra while ensuring players get something quite different to what is currently on the market. The Opus weighs in at 8.0oz.

Magista Orden Rough GreenNike Magista Orden

For many players, the Orden automatically becomes the default option for players because of its price point. But that is not something to be overlooked. Nike has put a lot of work into creating this top performing mid-tier option. They might not be intended to serve top level pro players, but they are built with quality materials and are designed to be durable. A soft and supple Kangalite upper molds to foot for great fit and comfort.

With that $129.99 price tag comes a little more freedom for players (and parents) who want a quality look in a competitively performing package. The Orden weighs in at 8.2oz.

Magista Onda Rough GreenNike Magista Onda

The Onda is an entry level boot that should only be considered by those on a serious budget or who are not looking to becomes serious about the game. Yes, you get a comfortable fit and a very similarly designed package from Nike. But, all the key performance features are downgraded and that effects how you will ultimately feel about these boots.

The positive is obviously the $74.99 price tag, making them an ideal option for training. The Onda also weighs in at an impressive 7.8oz.

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