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Up Close – How miAdidas Makes The 11Pro Even Classier!

Adidas 11Pro miadidas

For most boot enthusiasts out there, spending relentless time creating boot designs on miadidas (and NikeID) is a whole lot of fun. It becomes slightly addicting changing the design around until you end with your ideal boot.

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to create my own version of miadidas boots and this is the end result. Why the 11Pro?

Well, there were two reasons. First, I wanted to check out the HG soleplate on offer from adidas, and it only seemed appropriate to match that with a heritage boot. Then came the design process, for that I wanted a classy timeless look – what better than a mix of Black/White/Gold. There is also a touch of Silver in the design to spice things up  and viola – the end result oozes pure quality. Below is a short summary  to give you an idea of what the process is like, and how the final design turned!

Those that want to create their own design, head to miadidas!

Black White Gold miadidas 11pro

11Pro miadidas Heel

The Design

It is pretty simple. I went outside Black and inside White. It is kind of like business on the outside to let opponents know I’m ready to play, and party on the inside where the ball gets to experience the full nature of my shots and passes!!

I’m a sucker for Gold, so I had to get that in there also. Thus the mid-stripe, inner lining and adidas 3-stripe in Gold. When you mesh Gold detailing with White and with Black designs, it always sits so well. As a result, I was pretty confident of a win/win on either side of the boot.

The final decision was adding some additional detailing to highlight the Gold mid-stripe and also some laces. Here, I decided to go with Silver just to change things up ever so slightly and add a more modern take.

Don’t Forget the Irish Flag!

As most of you know, I’m originally from Ireland. So, adding an Irish touch to the boot was an absolute must. That is where the flag comes in, sitting on the outer side of both heels, it is a simple touch that for me represents pride in my country!

At one point, I was considering going “All Irish” on the design – you can see how that would have looked here!

Forefoot Design of 11Pro miadidas

Adidas 11pro miadidas Gold Lining

Adidas 11pro miadidas Lattice Support

11Pro miadidas Logo

Choosing The Soleplate

I haven’t had the opportunity to experience adidas’ hard ground soleplate and configuration to date, so it only seemed appropriate to put them on these boots. When I created a pair of NikeID Tiempo Legend a few years back, I took a similar approach by adding Nike’s newest AG soleplate (at the time it was new) to test out its traction and performance. My goal with these is to wear them on artificial turf to see if they are a suitable option for players in need of something a little more specific on the adidas side of things.

miadidas 11pro Up Close

Performance of the 11Pro

A few months back, I had the opportunity to test out the 11pro and the results were all good. This next generation release has a lot to offer with a specific focus on comfort and a perfect fit. An extremely unique honeycomb lattice style through the upper contours to your foot shape, with an underlay support system doing what it is intended to do – keep the material from stretching out of its natural shape.

I absolutely love the K-leather upper on this boot and everything it has on offer. It feels very natural and serves an intended purpose. But, it won’t suit every style of player in the same fashion that other boots might. For example, a striker could easily wear these with positive results, but that super soft K-leather upper is not going to reduce impact as you look to strike shots.

Ordered and the Wait Time

To be honest, I was extremely surprised at how quickly the boots arrived at my door. After ordering and getting the confirmation email, I had to wait about 10 days for a follow up email confirming the boots were being created. Four days later, I received an email with shipping confirmation, which I immediately checked. To my surprise, they had already left China and were on US shores, with one flight left to get to my home. A day later, they arrived at my door! In total, it took 16 days for the boots to be created and delivered. Considering it is a personalized, custom, one-off design, that to me is pretty quick and better than I’d expected.

Lets See Your Designs!

What is your perfect design and which adidas boot would you put your personalized color combo on? Hit us up on Instagram or Twitter with what you deem to be the perfect miadidas boot, and we might just have to pick one winner who can order their own pair!

Head over to miadidas and get your creative juices flowing!

Adidas 11pro in Black and White miadidas

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  1. They look really beautiful. Congratulations!

    I was wondering why Adidas doesn't give the option to customize their cleats with AG soleplates, and what is the difference between Adidas AG and HG soleplates. Could you comment on this?

    Thank you,

  2. Love your design. Please let us know how the hg work on turf. Are the studs shorter than the fg ones? Kinda like mizuno. ?

  3. Does the boot have the micoach cavity in it?

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