Wednesday , May 31 2023

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform – Heat Activated Upper!

Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform Nike are on the verge of moving to the second generation Hypervenom series, but they not leaving the current version without offering fans something just that little bit extra special. This final, limited edition installment is labelled the Hypervenom Phantom Transform and it features a heat activated upper! Being that these are a limited edition release, expect to see them come and go very quickly. Initially released in the UK, numbers are already close to sold out.

For those in the US, we are hours away from their official release – stay glued to if you are interested in snagging a pair. We will follow-up with more details on the release tomorrow – stay tuned! Deceptive instinct is on your side.

Update: These boots sold out, but there are still pairs available on eBay.

Hypervenom Phantom Transform Heat Activated

The cool thing about these is how they appear to be a blackout boot at first. That is how they will look should you snag a pair, with the upper holding a more traditional looking shade of color. But, as you play and the game gets faster, a burnt layer of red glow starts to force its way onto the upper. The more you play with intensity, the clearer the effect comes through!

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