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Adidas Introduces X15 and ACE15 – Are You Chaos or Control?

Adidas X and Ace Combo

Today marks a whole new era for Adidas soccer, as they embark on a quest to introduce a whole new way of thinking about boots. According to Adidas, the best managers, players and minds have spoken and soccer has changed. The focus now has shifted to only two types of players – those that cause chaos and those that control everything. The game changers and the play makers.

The most controversial part of this release is that he old adidas silos have been discontinued. There is no more F50, no more Predator, no more 11pro and no more Nitrocharge. Now we live by chaos and control. There is only X and ACE.

Pep Guardiola summed up the new vision and his involvement in the project with the following;

It’s chaos or control. There are players who think more about what the team needs and what is the best solution for the team. This kind of player is an intelligent player who has a vision about what the team needs. He controls. Then there are the ones who cause chaos. The ones who play on instinct and on talent. They are a little outside of the field. They can create absolutely everything and you can’t control that. You cannot limit that.

We’ve touched upon the concept of both boots over the past few weeks, now the focus turns to the boots, their specs and overall performance characteristics. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from each.

Both boots can currently be ordered on

Introducing ACE15

Adidas Ace Up Close

Some players are born to control. They are the ones that pull the strings and set the pace. Every great team needs the players that keep it on track. That bring the coaches plans into action. They bring order to a chaotic game. Players like Mesut Özil, James Rodríguez, Oscar, Manuel Neuer and Ivan Rakitić are the glue of some of the world’s best teams. For these players, adidas has designed ACE15.

ACE15 is built to control. The revolutionary CONTROL WEB gives ultimate ball control, thanks to an engineered 3D material. A 3-layer compound combines with grippy EVA for an unbeatable touch.

Adidas Ace Forefoot

Adidas Ace Soleplate

A ground breaking new stud configuration puts more studs on the ball during foot-over moves to allow for complete ball control. The unique NSG (non-stop grip) skin uses 3D dots for perfect control in all conditions.

The players that run the show now have the cleats to dominate.

Introducing X15

X15 X-Cage & X-Skin

Some players can never be controlled. They are the spark that ignites a game. They defy rules and structure. The moment of genius that gets the crowd off their seat – that’s their speciality. There is no defense and no tactic that can control them. These players are specialists in chaos. Thomas Müller, Gareth Bale, Luis Suárez, Karim Benzema and Álvaro Morata, these players strike without a moment’s notice. For them, adidas has created X15.

X15 is the ultimate weapon for the game’s most dangerous players. The TECHFIT COLLAR offers a compression fit around the ankle for superior support and fit.

The X-CLAW base is built to give complete traction with a lightweight feel. The innovative X-CAGE is built for the most dynamic and agile players in the world. A fragmented and lightweight design gives ultimate support during the most agile movements. The X-SKIN is made up of a complex three layered system that delivers comfort, protection and performance in any conditions.

A game changing product for game changing players.

X15 Tongue & Techfit Collar

X15 Heel & X-Cage

And now is the time for you decide where you stand and what type of player you are – Chaos or Control? X or Ace? Hit up the comments and give us your thoughts.

Some of the world’s best players will wear ACE15 and X15 for the first time at the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin on Saturday, June 6 – we will be on hand to witness the game and the debut of the boots!

In terms of retail, both boots can currently be ordered on

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  1. this is the stupidest shit i have seen a major boot company done in a decade.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy by adidas? They are already suffering vs Nike in basketball and they seem determined to give up their preeminence in soccer too.

    For this mumbo-jumbo they are trashing Predator, F50, 11pro and my Nitrocharge?

    • You're not the only one. This is a new low for adidas. X is plain ugly, in a terrible Nineties way, and the Ace is boring to death.

  3. I think that Adidas is good limiting on their cleats a little bit becuase I find with Nike that they have way too many cleats and they come out with new ones way too often so I think Adidas is doing good in limiting down their cleats.

    • I agree, Nike keep pushing these four diverse lines that are essentially just the tiempos and vapors. I like this step by adidas, I think it will convince me to swing back towards their boots. I am frustrated that the top version of the Nikes are over $300, and the counter to that is gettting the second best version for just over $200. I dont get spending over $200 and not having the "best." I will give the Ace a try.

  4. So exciting to see a FG/AG stud configuration especially the Adidas Ace with many rounded studs! AG cleats sell out very quickly and rarely on sale. I live in Canada where many games play on AG but it is pretty hard to get a pair of AG boots.

  5. Complete chaos. I’m not happy adidas!

  6. If they wanted to kill two silos, they should have done away with the Adipures and Nitrocharge. The Predator and F50 are two iconic brands that could have carried off the "chaos" or "control" thing much better than these two turkeys. Adidas fans either want flashy F50s which are as light as possible or rock solid Preds. Make both shoes in syntehtic and K leather and be done with it. This year will end in a lot of people getting fired at Adidas.

    • Amen to that! I don"t want a stupid ace15 I WANT MY PREDATORS!!! I have worn Predator for the last 3 years and they are AMAZING. I may have to switch over to Magista or just load up on the ole Preds while they are still available on some sites. Stupid, Stupid move by adidas. And i think you hit the nail on the head, Brett. "The Predator and F50 are two iconic brands that could have carried off the "chaos" or "control" thing much better than these two turkeys." Well said.

  7. This could work out great for the Yankees, as they probably would have gone with Cervelli as the back up and sent Montero to the minors. If Montero is anything close to decent defensively, then he should be the starter. Russell Martin's going to have to prove to me that he is still healthy enough, and good enough, to be the starter. It takes catchers a long time to get them in sync with their pitchers. So there's no time to waste getting Montero working with this pitching staff. This is a playoff caliber team. Unless Martin really shows something this spring, we shouldn't even bother wasting time with Martin as the starter. If Martin gets hurt again or can't hack it, Cervelli can be the backup.

  8. I’m chaos. But I’m not sure this is my kind of chaos.

  9. that all black color way tho.

  10. Adidas are the best boots.Nike are only famous because they are used by top class players such as Cristiano Ronaldo ,Stephan El-Sharaawy,Zlatan Ibrahimovic ,Eden Hazard etc thus they have a good name because of the market..but if u look closely Nike boots can not be used for a long time unlike adidas..Ive played with Nike Mercurial Vapour

  11. Quality of both is poor against a middle quality Nitrocharge .
    Just are 30 Euros plastic boots sold a 200 Euros.
    After 7 years using Adidas, probably never again will buy a new boots from them.

  12. Why People Love Adidas

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