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GIVEAWAY - Exclusive Puma evoSPEED SL Presentation Case - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

GIVEAWAY – Exclusive Puma evoSPEED SL Presentation Case

evoSPEED SL 3.5oz Case

*UPDATE: We selected and have contacted a winner for the presentation case – they are on the way to Yousef. Congrats, and for the rest of you stay tuned for further giveaways!

Puma are no stranger to the shock-and-awe release strategy, where they release incredible boot designs that make demand a double take. Take in point their latest release to market, the incredible 3.5oz evoSPEED 1.4 SL. Yes, you read that correct – 3.5oz.

Last week, they dropped a pretty cool presentation case at our door, with a pair of the Red Lava release colorway inside. Loving it! But, since we have had the opportunity to test the Camo version of the boot out, we figured this would be the perfect opportunity for a GIVEAWAY to let someone else take the extreme speed shoe to pitch. Or just have a cool presentation case that no one else will have to show off to their mates.


  1. Make sure you follow us on Twitter | Instagram (so we are able to tag you as a winner)
  2. Leave a comment below telling us why you should win (keep it short and too the point)

We will select a random winner a little later this week, who will get the exclusive presentation case and boots delivered to them. Very important, if you log in to comment using your email address, make sure to use your real email address as that is how we will be contacting the winner! If you log in using social media, that will make it even easier. In the event we select a winner and they can’t be contacted within 24hrs, we will select another.

Puma evoSPEED 1.4 SL Presentation Case

There has been incredible discussion going on about the lightest Puma boot ever due to its “10 game tag”. We have reached the 10 game mark with our Camo pair, so pending you take care of the boots properly, they should reach that mark with ease. But, Puma is pretty clear in stating that they are designed for the “moments they create” rather than hanging out with you for a full season!

For those that want to find a pair outside of the giveaway, they are available at

Final note; we have no problem opening this up as a WorldWide giveaway – but if you are located outside of the US, we will request you pay international shipping to your required country. 

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Lot's of my players would love a pair of those boots! Won't fit me but it will fit them!

  2. I think those boots will give me extra scoring and defending help 😉 my old CR7’S needed to be sent back and I’m looking for a new pair of dependable boots that will last and are comfortable… what better way to play the game I love then to do it in some new Pumas.

  3. I would love these boots because they are so innovative. I have yet to try out puma boots and these would be a great opportunity for me to wear them. These boots would be extremely greatly appreciated in my home.

  4. Heather Tierney

    I would love to win these and test them out to see what they’re all about! Such an insane boot and a great colorway!

  5. I really want these boots for Games only, I want to be the fastest no matter what. I’ll just use them for the best moments with my friends. Thank you

  6. I love the design of these boots and would love to show them off in a couple of games and display them in the presentation case.

  7. I want to win these because I sarted a boot collection and can’t afford any nice top of the line boots.

  8. I have never tried a pair of Pumas and these brand new ones would be the perfect way for me to branch out into puma, with pre-season starting very very soon they would be a brilliant asset that I can use to get back into the swing of things and once the season starts I can be right up there with the best!

  9. i want to get best speed performance from them, and i want to get incredible lightest football boots, i really want to get best experience from them. please give me this incredible shoes

  10. I’ve always wanted to be fast and know what it feels like. What if I were Forever Faster…

  11. I want those boots because I like them… :P:P

  12. I should win because i am a huge puma fan and i like what they have done , they are changing the game !

  13. I want these because I have one more season of college soccer left and I would really love to wear boots as nice as these. It would should help me not spend over $200 on a decent pair for the upcoming season, considering I already have so much debt lol.

  14. Ali Khan (@i_am_soccer on Instagram)

    I really love these new evospeeds and would really like to have a pair to use for my highschool soccer season that are not so basic! THANKS

    • Ali Khan (@i_am_soccer on Instagram)

      Also now that I have seen their price there would be no other way to get them but in a giveaway like this knowing my parents

  15. I should win these because I haven’t worn any boots other than Puma since 2005 and these would be a perfect capstone to that run! (Plus I could never afford them otherwise haha)

  16. Robert Moldovan

    I would love to win these boots to prove to everyone that doubted me that they were wrong and make my university team next year (and hopefully progressing beyond that). Doing so in style with these boots would just be the icing on the cake.

  17. I would love to win these because to get a opportunity to wear such a rare and light pair of boots would be a blessing plus being so light they will help with my speed as I play winger and make a difference. Having that presentation case would be the icing on the cake.

  18. I just want them cause they are my sz so I can actually wear them..besides I’m a big fan of puma cleats,being puma king top k my favorite..

  19. Johnny Zambrano

    I want these boots so that I can finally own my prat pair of Puma boots.

  20. I need some new boots as my T-90’s are about shot and I tend to spend the lion’s share of my soccer $ on my 14 year old sons U16 Competitive feet,lol!! Dad could use some new boots!!!

  21. Football is my life! However I’ve never been able to afford the top quality boots such as the evoSPEED

  22. Some of my favorite football memories are in Puma's and I haven't found a proper silo to fill my memories holes!

  23. These boots would be awesome to play in and, make you stand out in a crowd which sometimes is not a bad thing therefore I would really love these boots. Thank you

  24. Superduperman99

    I LOVE SOCCER!!! That’s why I should win these boots.

  25. I should win because the way that pumas cleats are shapped are meant for my foot. Plus speed is how I always play. And I need new cleats.

  26. I want to feel fast. there, short and to the point. thank you.

  27. I never had puma cleats I would really want to try something different. Thank you

  28. this would fit nicely with my Cedella Marley EvoSpeed as collectors item!

  29. I would love to have them so that it would be a motivation for me to pursue a startup youtube channel and eventually to grow it and be as big as the soccercleats101 entity.

  30. I’d like to emulate your success in the future, love to review these ones too 🙂

  31. I need these because I don't have money for premium boots but play soccer daily and need very nice boots for sectionals and regionals this year.

  32. I just love soccer more than anything ever.

  33. Would absolutely love to get my hands on these! Would love to make a test and review video on my YouTube channel with them! Incredible pair of lightweight boots. Can imagine myself banging in a few goals with these!

  34. I am 15 and have been collecting boots for around two years, so far I have amassed 4 pairs. this would be my first speed boot and I would love to use them during important games. Plus I have a tryout for my high school soccer team in about a month and a new pair of ultra lightweight boots would give me the extra confidence to hopefully make the varsity team.

  35. Anthony Parada

    I need these because including the final, i have exactly 10 games left.

  36. Christian Huffman

    I’m currently going into my junior year of college soccer and looking forward to being a player who scores golazos with the most stylish boots out. That’s why I believe having these boots will support me on my quest.

  37. I want to leave people in awe even if I am scoring on them with these cleats

  38. I would like to win that puma and soccercleats101 are best. and I also like to have some new shoes that 'll play a final and my mercurial no longer give one more game

  39. I would like to win that soccercleats101 and Puma are best. I would also like to win because I have a final with the team at my school in a few weeks and would be great to play it with new evoSPEED sl shoes and not with my old mercurials

  40. Love the look of these new Puma Boots. Would love to have these to add to my collection.

  41. Given the cost, I have been stuck with the lowest-tier Predators and CTR360. I would love to give some higher end boots a try and this is a great opportunity. I also have never tried any lightweight cleats and would love to see how they feel.

  42. I want these because I only play on artificial turf, and these will last an even shorter amount of time than 10 games. But my fiancee and I just put a bunch of boxes into storage, so we have room for a presentation case with worn out boots in our apartment!

  43. I've had Puma Kings for years now. They've served me well, but at this point they're being held together with Shoe Goo and stubbornness.

    I rely on my speed (as do my teammates!), and I want a lighter, faster boot for 11's.

  44. Been wearing Pumas since day one, my current ones, EvoPOWER 3.2, are getting a bit worn and are about to be retired. I will gives these boots the care they deserve.

  45. I practice sprinting with my cleats every day, as speed is my biggest weapon during matches. And I know these shoes will not automatically make me faster than my opponents–it is up to me to keep training hard. However, it would be a priceless experience to play in these boots–and I would definitely savor my (short) time in them!

  46. I love soccer. I love puma cleats. I love you guys.

  47. I want the boots for my kids (unsure which one based on size) so I can wean them off Nikes and persuade them there are other, strong if not better brands out there (I've always loved Puma, especially Kings). Also, in this particular case, I would love for my kids to have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to play in top-notch boots that are so cool they expire after about 10 matches — we'd never buy boots like that, but I'd love to see them in action and learn if they truly are worth the cost from a game perspective.

  48. I have been training hard and I want to reach a higher level. I feel that these cleats can help me achieve that leve.

  49. I’ve worn nearly every puma sl version including the powercat 1 sl and the king finale sl and would love to add another pair to the collection

  50. I’ve always worn Nike boots but I’ve had my eye on the Evospeeds in recent times. My local Aussie Rules team that I play for will make the finals series this year and I need the best boots for the biggest occasion. These fit the mold perfectly.

  51. Because I like the color and the lightweight feel of these boots!

  52. I like the new colorway and im starting in a new club soon so the shoe is gonna stand out

  53. Phillip Shehan

    Hope I win

  54. Collin Stevenson

    Because Im a huge PUMA fan and want the case.

  55. I think i should get the cleats bc this is one if my fav page i check it on the daily and these will be a nice boot to have on the pitch this coming season

  56. I like the color and puma is the best

  57. I would love to add the puma evospeed SL to my collection because I’m looking for the ultimate lightweight experience, and I think this is just what I’m looking for.

  58. I would Love to win that boots because I am a huge fan of Puma and it would be lovely to have the lighest boots Ever!

  59. I’ve heard good things about puma but they have never really been very innovative until these came out

  60. I want to win because these Puma cleats compliment my playing style as a quick and explosive forward. Puma Evospeeds are great!!

  61. Love this part of cleats! Huge fan of puma. Gunners supporter!

  62. I think I should win these because i don’t have the money to afford a pair of boots like these and I have been wanting these for a long time but sadly I cannot afford them.

  63. I am starting a football YouTube channel and I would love to review these

  64. I would like to win because I can’t really afford expensive cleats unless I buy them with my own money and I would like to have a nice light pair of Pumas.

  65. I would like to test these awesome boots.

  66. I’ve always supported puma since the 2006 World Cup when they released the limited edition Italy Pumas and ever since then I loved them and collect them hope I win!

  67. I would love to win these cleats! I plan on wearing these for big games only but also plan to use these in one of my next films!

  68. I think I can be a worthy winner because I am passionate about soccer. New cleats will mean new skills I can learn at practices and hence, one day become someone who can give back to others who share the same passion.

  69. Julian vazquez

    I think that I should win these cleats because I have never tried a pair of puma cleats and I have always wanted to. And these ones look very nice. Thanks you for your consideration!

  70. I really need some new cleats and would love these Pumas!!

  71. I was always a big fun of Puma, and light shoes, so this would be a pleasure for me to wear them, for quite a while I’ve been interested in soccer shoes, and not I think it’s time for my second good shoe.

  72. I deserve this because I’ve never won a give away, and these would be amazing to have

  73. I would love to win these cleats because puma cleats fit me well and i love these boots so much. I dont have enough money right now to buy these but i would love to own a pair of these cleats which is why i really want to win this giveaway.

  74. I only wear the top of the line boots, and soccercleats101 always provides that for me

  75. Jack Stevenson

    I want these Pumas becaus they look grand and so light that I will be able to float down the field

  76. Francisco Moncada

    I’m joining a team for the first time in 5 years and I would love to have these as my first pair coming back #soccerislove

  77. Gabriel Huffman

    I need these cleats because I am going into my senior year of high school soccer and all I have are trash cleats and I am trying to make it to the next level. I think these cleats could really help me.

  78. I should win because I absolutely love soccer cleats. Everyday I am constantly thinking about cleats and new ways to modify mine to match my preferences. Overall I love soccer cleats, soccer and soccer cleats 101. Thanks

  79. I will like them because at the moment I have no soccer cleats and won’t be able to afford any new ones anytime soon

  80. I think I should win these cleats because I am joining a club and I also need new soccer cleats because mine are really old and im saving up for college.That why I think I should win these cleats.

  81. Jared Pcholinski

    Firstly I would use the Puma boots, then keep them in my collection like I have done with all previous boots I have used throughout my playing days.

  82. I'm @joshyjc12 and we are @pingittt and since last year we have gained 13.1k followers on Instagram and are forever growing. Forever faster! Love your stuff guys, keep it up, and I hope you chose us for the giveaway winners!

  83. Zachariah Walker

    Because I WILL GET THE MOST OUT OF THESES Boots. Nothing less.

  84. I’m starting at a new club and it would mean the world to me to get these boots because they are my new clubs colors!!!! No one ever picks me for giveaways but hopefully you consider me!!!!

  85. Thank you for this giveaway Soccercleats101,
    It definitely would be crazy if I won.
    These cleats would make me run off with pace,
    Not only that but put a smile on my face.

  86. Because football is passion and i love football and i want new cleats because i love football. Football is life

  87. Because I need new football boots and I think these shoes are awesome

  88. I am exclusively a Puma guy. And I just need to know.I am exclusively a Puma guy and I just need to know. I play three times a week on a mix of turfs and grasses. I'd like to see how they do one each.

  89. I've been a fan of Puma V-series and evospeed SL speed oriented releases since 2011.

  90. Because I never win any giveaways and these PUMAs are a real prize. Also, your reviews are A+(brownie points)

  91. Because the bottom of my previous Pumas has fallen off, and I’ve been wanting some new Pumas to replace them

  92. This boot would look good in my boot collection that has been on a dry spell since i tore my ACL!!

  93. I deserve to win to show my players to always strive to be their best. Always try to have top notch equipment if you can. Even if that means effort in drawings, more so by paying attention to, and getting more information to help become a better competitor. Puma makes world class gear and the sl is the pinnacle in speed boots.

  94. I love boots and am a big fan of all things football. As a giant shoe nerd, I’d love to win these

  95. These are some great looking cleats and I sure could use a new pair!

  96. I should win the pair of Puma Evospeeds 1.4 SL because then i would credit the site and get them publicity when i become a world class footballer and say they were genorous enough to help my career and our youths dreams.

  97. Because my Pele’s finally tore apart.

  98. Red boots are one of my favorite. I'm a life time Liverpool Support, the red colorway always goes with the kit.
    I might be an amateur player but I have passion and love for football
    Nothing can replace football.

  99. Kyle Richardson

    Because i am going into my first year of college soccer. As a freshman i need to do everything i can to stand out and make an impression. These boots are very bright, stylish, and perfect for helping me make a first impression with the team and coaches.

  100. Andrew Lockhart

    I am willing to bet I can make these last more than ten games! Let’s have at them!

  101. I’ve played for my team for 5 years now and we have moved up and up in the leagues, we are I. We are in the top division and we have the challenge cup coming up, these boots would light the game up and would be amazing to play in

  102. I want to win this boots because I love this boots, but I can’t afford it and I can’t find it in Indonesia 🙂

  103. These boots are something I would like to test and I have never tried on a speed boot before.

  104. Would love to try them out!

  105. Chris Honniball

    Because I’m all too scared to buy anything but Adidas.

  106. Carlos de Armas

    I need them because i just bought a pair of adidas f50 and un the long run they are hurtig muy feets a lot and i cantón use them.. And now i have no shoes and no money :/

  107. I've entered in a lot of these competitions and have never won anything, but I'll keep trying! I would love to win a pair of these, hands down they are drop dead gorgeous looking boots. I should win (subjective) a pair because I am a soccer cleat 101 fanatic and I have never had the chance to try Puma so this boot would be a good introduction into that "genre" of boots.

    Thank you

  108. These are really a nice boot to try out or for collectors purpose the colorway is sick and they are one of the lightest boots on the market

  109. Ive recently moved to more traditional boots, but definitely want to dip back into speed market and try a modern lightweight model!

  110. Like Chris above me I’ve always been very hesitant to spend to move past/spend money on anything but Adidas boots, which I’ve been wearing for around 8-9 years straight now. Winning these boots would give me an opportunity to open up and explore at least one other company.

  111. Well being married and in school towards my first degree money is not something I come by that much. Would love a nice set of shoes like this to play and rock my local league.

  112. I play soccer none stop it is a part of me and everybody around me. I just love it.

  113. I simply enjoy football and this website follow you guys on instagram ine if my favorite pages and this would be a great edition to my collection

  114. Adam Said Parwata

    Because I’m a real football boots collector

  115. I really like puma cleats and light weight cleats but when they put them together I was speechless. I really want these cleats because I love then and I need cleats

  116. I would love to try these boots out there light weight and are so nice !!!
    Instagram: jamie_vinson

  117. I’ve never tried puma boots before and everyone who has worn them before keep telling me that they are amazing.And now I really want a pair

  118. I need these cleats because I’m really poor and my other cleats (mercurial veloce) give me blisters. It would be awesome to try these out. I hope I win.

  119. This year my highschool will be one of the contenders going for the state title and I would like to wear the best boots along my journey to etching my name in the pantheon of greatness.

  120. To pass them on to a young player to inspire them to become the next best prodigy

  121. You see, my family doesn't have a ton of money, so they can't afford for me to buy me cleats every year when school rolls around. I feel as if these cleats would make it so my performance would "sky-rocket" and I could be known as one of the best freshmen in my school's history.

  122. I want this cleats because playing soccer is my passion . All i want in chrismas is cleats🙏 Pls.

  123. I love this shoe it is a some

  124. I need it because if I wear and go to play match I will win

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