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What A Time For Fans Of Heritage Boots – The Current Line-up

Classic Heritage Boots

Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic market shift against time honored, traditional style soccer boots. We are talking boots that are designed to be durable, that ooze quality thanks to soft leather uppers and feature a simple blackout paint job. Instead, the norm has become how light can you make it with as much color as you can possible squeeze in.

But that is all changing right now with impeccable timing from the top brands. Over the past few months, we have seen a surge in the number of classic boots, and it has us smiling. It is almost like one brand saw another go classic, and they all jumped on board. Here, we take a look at the top options currently available and what they each have on offer.

There are some important factors to consider when looking at this list. First, weight is going to represent more durability – that is just how it is. If you have been wearing modern releases and had an issue with boots falling apart after a few weeks, that is strongly related to the construction of the boot. If you truly desire durability, the latter pairs on this list are the ones that epitomize old school crafting and are designed to survive harsh playing conditions!

Adidas Gloro Review

Adidas Gloro

Weight: 8.4oz
Price: $109.99

Adidas took a bold step by creating a releasing a modern version of the Copa Mundial. It was a case of taking traditional appeal and adding a fresh take that was adapted to a faster, current day game. Not only do these boots have an ultra classic appearance in a modern shell, but they also feature the “return of the tongue” and that has immediately increased the interest from heritage fans. Flip them over and you find a comfort soleplate, something that makes these a fantastic boot to wear in game. These are also the lightest boots on the list.

Nike Premier vs Tiempo

Nike Premier

Weight: 8.6oz
Price: $129.99

What a release from Nike! From concept, Nike worked with the idea of creating a high performing, timeless classic that would be would be available to consumers for less than $100. It is not directly implied, but the boot is intended to be a direct competitor to the Adidas Copa Mundial, and more currently the Adidas Gloro. There is a complete air of simplicity from the Premier that makes them hugely appealing to traditional fans.

Umbro Speciali Eternal

Umbro Speciali Eternal

Weight: 10oz
Price: $135.99

Reborn and ready to take on the modern game! Umbro has remained true to the classic visual appearance of the Speciali, but they have also factored in modern technology and what it takes for a boot to be successful in the current market. The Speciali Eternal isn’t simply a reproduction of the original, but has been re-engineered to meet the more demanding performance needs of the modern game.

Diadora Brasil SPA Made in Italy

Diadora Brasil SPA

Weight: 10.2oz
Price: $229.99

The return of “Made in Italy”. Diadora take the Brasil to a whole new level by crafting them where they were always intended to be crafted. This is a boot that transports us back in time to another era, with it’s fold over tongue and iconic Black/Neon Diadora colorway providing perfect visual effect for traditional enthusiasts. The upper feature an ultra-soft water resistant full-grain kangaroo leather, with a classic double layered stitching running across the black forefoot.

Puma King Lothar Matthaus Edition

Puma King Lothar Matthäus

Weight: 10.2oz
Price: $174.99

Just released to market last week, Puma stepped back in time to produce a timeless version of the King, to honor legendary German defender, Lothar Matthäus. Fans have been screaming for the King to return to its roots and this special edition boot does just that. The upper is a premium Kangaroo Leather and every ounce is designed to keep players comfortable.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial

Weight: 11.7oz
Price: $149.99

We can’t leave this list without adding the most iconic and longstanding boot currently on the market. There is nothing more ritual than taking ownership of a pair of Copa’s for the first time. Everyone needs to do it at least once in their career! The only drawback with these boots is their top end weight – but have you ever heard anyone complain about the durability of a pair of Copa’s? Me neither!

Tiempo Legend V Tech Craft

Nike Tiempo Legend V

Weight: 8.5oz
Price: $199.99

In itself, the Tiempo Legend is a boot that deserves a place on this list. But when you include it as part of the Tech Craft series, it makes for more of a modern day classic. That visually appealing upper consists of a waterproof kangaroo leather with ACC technology. Out of all the boots on the list, this is the most technically advanced, yet it still has that much wanted heritage feel about it.

The trend seems to be gaining pace at the moment, with fans embracing the return of classic style releases. Everything comes in waves, so it will be interesting to see where this one goes. What about you guys? Have you got a favorite from the list or is there another classically inspired boot that you would have added? Let us know in the comments.

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