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Adidas X15 Menace Pack Edition – miadidas Goes Scary Fast!

Menace Pack miadidas X15

Talk about massively entertaining designs! Adidas has taken the X15 in a while knew direction on their miadidas platform with the new Menace Pack. You might have saw some images of this style design in recent weeks with the tag “Cosmic”, “Firework” or “Meteor” but we can confirm that it is called Menace.

In order to really illustrate the graphic nature of the design, we were offered the opportunity to create a pair before release, and this is the end product. Oh yes, the fun process of mix and matching via miadidas, looking over different styles until completing a look that is unique in every way. Normally, I’m pretty reserved with my color choices on custom created boots, but the options for this boot are all wild and eccentric – so I went all out.

Create your own X15 Menace designs via miadidas.

Menace Pack X15

Adidas X15 Menace Upper

Adidas X15 Menace Pack Design

The graphic is basically a wrap design that covers the entire surface in what looks like a splash on paint design. Rather than highlighting the X-Cage, adidas has painted right over the region with the color that you choose. It allows for a much more blended and as-one appearance.

In order to create the splash effect, you choose a combo of colors to cover across. In this case, I went with a Flash Red Base and a Blue Beauty/Silver Menace pattern. To add some dramatic impact (if there wasn’t enough already) the collar and laces received some Flash Green. The final custom additions included a Gold adidas logo on the heel and a personalized “golazo” on the side of the boot. Why? Because I like to score goals of course!

Adidas X15 Menace Pack

Adidas X Menace

Adidas Menace Pack Soleplate

One final note here; I actually ordered a pair of 9.5US rather than my regular 9US. The reason was that I found the version I tested in 9US fit slightly tight around the heel. There is a lot of padding through the area (you can read our X15 review here) and it felt snug through wear. I’ve already had the opportunity to break these out and they felt a whole lot better. Length wise, they are slightly longer than my regular fit but the performance is still top notch without extra pressure through the heel.

During the creation process, I went through numerous designs – some of which I’ll be posting on Twitter over the coming days. But, the final design created looked as follows, per the image below. If you do decide to create a pair and order, the wait time is stated to be 4-weeks. My pair arrived just under that mark. What are your thoughts on the Menace Pack and have you found the best looking design?

Create your own X15 Menace designs via miadidas.

miadidas Menace Creation

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