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Cristiano Ronaldo Story, Chapter 1: Nike CR7 “Savage Beauty”

Nike Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty

Given his incredible career to date, it only makes perfect sense that Nike would relive and chronicle the life of Cristiano Ronaldo. To do it through his boots adds an extra dynamic and a pure canvas to really capture what he is all about.

While he continues to make history on the pitch, Nike is chronicling Ronaldo’s past through a new series of seven Mercurial Superfly CR7 boots, unveiled one at a time over the next several seasons, beginning with “Chapter 1: Savage Beauty.”

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Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 Lava

This lava-inspired print takes its cues from Madeira, the volcanic Portuguese island where the player was born. Savage Beauty is one of the most intricate designs Nike has ever produced on a pair of boots. A collaboration between Nike’s World Headquarters and its expert artisans in Montebelluna, Italy, the vibrant, six-color graphic flows from toe to heel to accentuate Ronaldo’s speed.

Supplementary color on the medial side adds extra flash while a new, smaller CR7 logo appears on the lateral side of the heel and an iridescent white Swoosh complements the design.

Mercurial Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty

“Madeira will always be close to my heart,” says Ronaldo. “I’m so happy to represent my island all over the world. It’s a fantastic feeling.”

Visually, this really is an interesting and unique release as it highlights a new style of visual boot design. Rather than just single tone patches, Nike has created the appearance of almost photographic style graphics across the upper. It is a profound concept that is doubly as effective with the accompanying CR7 story line. The crisp detailing of the hot lava flow almost has the appearance of a printed digital picture!

Tracking the next 6 generations will be even more exciting as Nike find new ways to improve print techniques and overall boot technology. This same print will be featured right across the Mercurial line-up, including a Vapor X version.

And for those wondering when Chapter 2 will be revealed….you are going to have to wait until 2016!

Again, find full details on the Nike CR7 Savage Beauty at

Nike Superfly CR7 Savage Beauty Heel

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