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GIVEAWAY – Win ANY Pair of Boots In Your Chosen Size!

Giveaway Boots

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway and a new pair of boots? We’ve been given the opportunity by soccerloco to offer up a free pair of boots to one lucky reader as part of their “Kickin it Forward” campaign. The best part is you get to choose ANY pair of boots you want from their site in your chosen size!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, soccerloco (one of the premier US retail stores) want to give thanks to soccer fanatics like you who dedicate time and energy into supporting the beautiful game. As a way of saying thank you for being such an integral part of the soccer community, they have created kickin’ it forward. All you need to do is get entered to win and cross your fingers that you are the chosen one!

Kickin It ForwardWhen you are ready to enter:

  1. Make sure you are following us on:
  2. Head to soccerloco and find the boots that you want to win. It can be ANY pair, just make sure that they are in your size.
  3. Leave a comment below telling us which boots you want to win and why!

It is as easy as that to enter! Note that you don’t have to tell us what size you want to win in the comments, just make sure that your size is available in the boots that you want. If the boots you want are not available in your size after winning, an alternative boot can be picked by you. We will select a random winner this Friday, Nov 20th and announce via our social media channels. You will need to claim the prize within 24hrs of announcement or we will have to select another winner – so make sure you are following us! Winner must also have a US shipping address.

WINNER: Michael Forsgren was selected as the random winner of a new pair of boots! He chose the Adidas Ace15+ Primeknit in a size 10.5US. Thanks to everyone that entered – reading the entries, we would have loved to be able to select more winners. Stay tuned for more upcoming giveaways!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. I don't have a great reason, but as the new season comes around I'd love some new boots. For the last few years I've been a midfielder and I'm switching to sticker so some new light weight boots would be lovely. Like everyone else, I'd love to win and hope I get lucky!

  2. Adidas Ace 15.1 size Men's 7 any color. My current ctr's are getting destroyed and I need a goof FG/AG crossover for Intramurals as well as coaching at my University. Being a college student and paying your own way through is rough but doable. I'm just glad I am able to still enjoy the game.

  3. Adidas Ace 15.1 because I need a new control boot since my adidas predators are getting a bit torn up. Plus, I want to try out the stud configuration on the Ace.

  4. I would love to win a new pair of boots because my old ones are starting to tear up, and I can't afford new ones this year and Im on a new team so I want to do well for them, and for my self because the sport is my one true passion.

  5. Definitely the Adidas Ace 15.1 in the K-Leather. I still feel like leather boots give the most comfort and best natural touch on the ball. I think I'm a size 12? Adidas boots tend to run narrow, which is why I generally prefer them over Nike or Puma.

  6. Adidas ace 15.1 in size 11 it's a clear that I have loved since they first came out. I'm a college student so I really haven't had the money to buy them. Some new cleats would be great especially the ace 15.1.

  7. adidas 11Pro FG – Light Flash Yellow/White. For the upcoming season i chose this boot as i'm always a fan of leather boots and adipures are the ones i'm always using for the past 7 years starting from the first adipures back in 2008. I'd love to own the last incarnation of the adipure as the adipures are no longer being made and i want to complete all its incarnation as i'm a big fan of these boots

  8. Vapor X FG Tech Craft, size 7.5. Just because I'm addicted to leather speed boots, and want to get the feeling from teijin Vapor back with new generation

  9. I'm a collegiate player in need of some new cleats. I am short on money because I don't have time for a job so this is an awesome opportunity for me to get some free but high quality gear. I'd like the Nike Mercurial Superfly Splat Pack size 11. I hope you choose me. Thanks!

  10. ADIDAS X 15.1 FG/AG black colorway. I want these because i am a huge Adidas fan and practically only wear Adidas. I have been using the predatars for 3 years now and could use an upgrade. Really hope I win and good luck to everyone else

  11. My boots are falling apart. I've been holding on to a pair of Nike ctr 360 maestros II for the first two and half (almost) years of college soccer. We are in the sweet sixteen of the ncaa tournament. I've always loved reading your website to find a good replacement but as you say no boot really compares. So I'm wanting to try something completely new. So I would love the Nike hypervenom phantom II in orange in a 9.5.

  12. 9.5 Nike mercurial superflys cr7 need some top quality boots to score some top quality goals 😉

  13. I would love the Nike mercurial vapor X FG in a size 10.5 men’s. After a year of training following not making my university soccer club, I got selected to join. I could really use some new, fast cleats to match the intense pace of the collegiate level. My old tiempos certainly don’t do the trick anymore.

  14. im 17, believe it or not I've never owned original soccer cleats, and i just want to see how ot feels using a pair. I would be very thankful that if i get a pair of nike tiempo legend V FG.

  15. Puma EvoSpeed1 SL Leather, I'm very curious as this boot seems to be a unique blend of new technology and seems to offer quite a package deal. The outsole layout to the construction of the upper; it's all very fascinating to me the approach Puma is taking. It's going to be interesting if they take the leaked news of a tech-fit collar in their next-gen boot. I'm simply interested to trial boots whenever the price works out and it would absolutely fantastic if I were able to acquire a pair for no cost but representing SC101. Plus, I get to market a SacTown-based organization!

  16. I'd love to get a taste of some superfly's. I've only been able to try them on as I can't justify the price tag, but the dynamic fit collar is unique and worth trying, in my opinion. They'd be used in my effort to play semi-professionally this upcoming season!

  17. I would love a pair of the Adidas Ace 15+ PRIMEKNIT in a size 9.5 men's because my last pair of predators just tore at the front and I have never found a replacement for the predator line. I would love to give the Adidas ace in primeknit a try because I feel like they might be a good equivalent.

    My name is Sang Bum Kim and I came to US about 10 years ago.
    My compassion for soccer started as small as a match light when Korea made into semi finals in 2002 World Cup. I may not be the best player in my town nor have any natural talent for soccer, but I can say I love everything about soccer more than anyone else. Ever since I was a little kid, it was my dream to be able to run and play soccer on a stadium field. I am still waiting for it to come true. Another dream I have is to try on high quality cleats that professional players use. I am still a student and money is a very limited resource for me. Things aside from textbooks and other education related products are luxury for me. One day, my parents got me $120 Hypervenom featured by Neymar as my birthday present. I was extremely happy and wore it at least 4 times a week. However, after about a month, cleats started to break apart. Unfortunately, Nike denied my voucher request on the boots and disappointed me, I felt terrible and devastated. Ever since, I turned to Adidas and only Adidas. Adidas never failed to impress my with their products although they weren't the high end boots. Obviously, Nike is loved by millions of people and maybe I don't deserve to criticize Nike. That is why I would like to take this opportunity to show my desire to try them again and build my trust toward them as well. I have never tried the high end boots in my life and I will greatly appreciate if I could get an amazing opportunity. The reason I picked NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR FG out of all the other boots is first of all, they are Nike and I would like to give them my trust once more. Second of all, these boots are Nike's latest boots featured by CR7 who is their most valuable player. Although synthetic cleats are known to be less comfortable than leather boots, I do believe that synthetic cleats are the future and they will only get better. Therefore, I choose NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR FG.
    Thank you for providing such opportunity to many of us soccer loving community.

  19. I wouldn't complain if a pair of Puma King Menotti star boots in size ten were thrown my way. I have the old pair of the King XL Eusebio boots and would love to expand my limited edition collection.

  20. adidas x uk 8.

  21. I'd love to try out the new hypervenom phantom II's if only to see why so many pro level players seem to be switching out of them. I'm curious.

  22. Well I would like to have the new superfly boots size 9.5 any color way would be good I’ve always wanted to try them out I hear there really good on your feet plus ive been goin to the park everyday to practice n I could use some new boots to practice n for my games

  23. Magista Obra Tech Craft II, size 10

  24. Should I be chosen I would love to be able to get a pair of ADIDAS ACE 15.1 FG/AG.

    My reasoning…purely and simply finding the love for the sport again.

    Prior to moving to the U.S. In August 2014 I hadn’t played competitive (11 aside soccer) for going on 11 years. When I was 19 I started suffering from palpitations which left me feeling breathless on the field. I pretty much stopped playing the game. My confidence shattered I underwent a multitude of tests (ecg,echo’s, stress test, blood tests, X-Rays) to try and figure out what was wrong. As a non smoker and non drinker they were baffled because they didn’t have an answer. More frustratingly for me whilst they didn’t find anything, I was still suffering.

    Fast forward 10 years (3 more cycles of testing and being put on numerous medications) I still had no answer. I kept myself relatively fit through my job (working with animals) and jogging, although some days I couldn’t jog for the heart palpitations. To make the stress even bigger my wife and I were presented with an opportunity to move to America for 3-5 years through her teaching job. We jumped at it, once last experience before we look to settle down and have a family…

    Then comes the concerns over medical issues in the states. Whilst our wages are pretty much half to what they were we decided to sacrifice the contentment of finances for life experiences…at the same time we didn’t expect to pay $350+ a month for health insurance 🙂

    A new start I told myself, a new me. I can reinvent myself again and so I did. I pretty much threw myself in the deep end and joined a local coed soccer team within a month of arriving. Temps were way over 30 (which for an English guy to play in is somewhat labor intensive!) but I kept my focus. I was encouraged by the fact it was roll on roll off substitutions.

    Needless to say there were some teething problems and plenty of times I came off the field early… I’m not as fit as the majority of other/younger players at 31 years old BUT the ball was back at my feet. I was 18 again in my head. I’d chase every ball without thinking of the consequences. I don’t have fancy cleats like these young and hip college players. I bought relatively cheap/sale pairs because I didn’t know how long I’d stick at it. *a good craftsman doesn’t blame his tools!!!

    Nobody on my team knows about my past health issues…that’s the demon I fight against and live with every day. I still suffer from palpitations in daily life and during play on the field but I don’t let it control my life anymore…I’m back in control.

    We go into the final week of our season with myself having featured in all bar one of the games (that was absence due to coaching soccer for my u11 team) *Something I also hadn’t done for 8+ years.

    My love of the game is back. It’s true what they say, the second you cross that line or have the ball at your feet…you forget about all of your other worries in life.

    Ian – Charlotte, NC

  25. My son loves cleats but and I love him,,he loves playing futbol but it is hard to buy these because I cant afford them,,hope we win…..his favorite are NIKE MERCURIAL VAPOR X CR FG
    684860-018-NIK size 9 (1/2

  26. I want a pair of Nike Mercurial Superflies… size 10,5 US… I would love to have a pair,sadly i come from

    post-soviet country in the eastern Europe. All american boys can buy them,i can’t and i would love to experience a feel in good quality shoes.

  27. I am from poor post-soviet country in the eastern europe,we can't afford quality boots. I would love to have a pair of Nike Mercurial Superflies…. SIZE 10,5 US

  28. The Nike Tiempo Legacy TURF shoe, in US men's 11.
    Why? Because I'm playing on an artificial surface for the first time starting in January. I'm a little older now so I'm trying to be conscious about comfort but also SAFETY. I read some good stuff here on soccercleats101 that said turf shoes help reduce the risk on injury on artificial surfaces, so I am hoping to get a pair! I went with Tiempo because of the classic design, the quilted forefoot area, proven comfort and overall simplicity. If I don't win these I'll be in the market for something as cheap as possible, I'm a father of two including a newborn so I don't have much of a budget on my own! I would love to win, thanks for the contest everyone involved.

  29. NIKE MAGISTAX PROXIMO TF Size 8 UK. My new home ground is on the older style turf so I need a new pair of boots. I’ve always religious about wearing leather but curious about the performance of flynit so would love to give them a try.

  30. I want the Magista Obra from the Tech Craft pack because it’s my final year playing varsity soccer in my school before i graduate and leave for college. But it would be nice to get a new pair of cleats that will make my senior year more memorable.


    As knitting technology becoming more popular in the boot market, I really wanted to try how good these knitting technology is.

  32. I would like to get the Nike Mercurial Veloce II FG because my Nike Mercurial Veloce I are coming apart now, have had them for a year and a half and its time for some new one but i don't have the money to buy new good quietly take-down football boots.

  33. Hey SC101! The boots I am entering are the PrimeKnit Ace 15+ in the solar orange. The reason is because I have barely seen these on sale lately and winning would be great!

  34. I would love to use the Nike Mercurial Vapor X tech craft. I have always loved the vapors and leather cleats, and it would be amazing to get the lovechild of vapors and k leather

  35. I would want to win the boots for my highschool season. I don't have great boots right now.. They're about to rip and one of the studs have broken but I cannot afford to buy new ones. And I would love to win this giveaway. Tiempo Legend 5 size 8. Or anything really. I'd be happy with any boot.

  36. Could really use some Nike Superflys FG for new coming season electro wave to have that barefoot touch.

  37. I would like to win a pain of Nike Tech Craft Superflys. My Nike Premires are falling apart, and I don't think that the duct tape will hold on much longer. Winning these would be absolutely fantastic as the travel season is about to start back up.

  38. I want puma king ll fg blue white green because here in India we are not getting the best of the boots I play with a umbro decco shoe which is now torn so please

  39. Adidas Ace 15.1 Primeknit. I've worn the Tiempo Legend models for the last 7 years though my game has changed, from British styled half back to an attacking midfielder and the boots need an updating to keep up with my style as well as playing on both grass and turf.

  40. Nike Hypervenom Phantom Tech Chraft size 9. I love leather boots, and to have the mix of of the collar, leather, and off-center lacing would be fantastic. The material looks amazing and it is one boot I would love to try out for college ball.

  41. The cleats I would like are the superfly electro flare in a size 7.5 and the reason I would like them is because I love to play soccer and I play it almost every day except I don’t have cleats but ive heard about the superfly and I would love to own a pair and try them first hand

  42. I would like the adidas 15+ prime knit ace in size 10 men’s because I just made it onto a select travel team and the cleats I got not long ago ripped and Nike won’t take my voucher so I could really use some new cleats since I can’t afford any new ones and those were a present from my parents,

  43. I'm a youth coach as well as weekend warrior and I provide a beating on cleats! I like the traditional looks and would love some all black Ace 15.1 in 10.5. Thank You

  44. I need the adidas X 15.1 in size 11,because I am a striker and I need boots that will fit my striker needs, also I live in a big family, that doesn't have very much money so I have never experienced top class football boots, I really want/ need them.
    So it would be a dream come true if I would win these boots.

  45. I don't really have a great reason, but my current boots, x 15.1, tore at the toe so I have to play with a broken boot and I can't afford any newer ones. and with the new season coming around, I want to save me and parents money. I would like the ace 15.1+ prime knit in a size 9 us. thank you!


  47. I want to win so I can give the cleats to one of my teammates who has broken cleats.

  48. these in a size 8 because i need some new boots

  49. Magista obras size 11. Happy holidays Bryan!!

  50. Nike Magista Orden/ Opus 8 1/2 any color would be fine. Being in college and working its hard to just spend on cleats. It can be done but the money goes to the school.. My legends are torn up. I want to try something new. So why not some magista.

  51. I would like to win the Nike superbly CR 7 FG because I've worn mercurials for as long as I can remember and my current CR7 vapor 10 are torn up along the sole plate and the studs are almost completely gone. I love the lightweight feel and I've been wanting to try the dynamic for collar. This would be the best Thanksgiving if I won these and I'm thankful for you guys doing this.

    I simply just want a new pair of Adidas' boot revolution, and i mean c'mon their primeknits! i would loveeeeeeee to have these. Please.

  53. This is an awesome giveaway! I love your support of the community! If you want to make me the happiest footballer, the NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR FG in a size 10 would be the first pair of new cleats I've worn since I played in high school. Luckily I take such good care of my boots with some luck I can still wear the ones from back NB in the day but they need a replacement.

  54. I would love to win a pair of Adidas Ace 15+ 11.5 in the solar orange/core black color way. I would love to have these pair of cleats because I am trying to find the best way to enhance the game of soccer. I want to see if Adidas really has done what they said and created a revolutionary cleat. I want to see how the prime knit compares to fly knit and if adidas really has topped Nike. Thank you!

  55. My son hasn't had a chance to try high end boots. And he loves Adidas. Hope he can have this chance to win a Adidas Ace 15.1 FG Eskolaite – Silver Metallic/Solar Green/Black. Thanks.

  56. I want the NIKE MAGISTA OBRA TECH CRAFT LEATHER FG in size 8 in canvas/volt/black. I have some old Euro 2012 Nike tiempos. After so many years they're barely held together and it's time to get some new ones! I thought I should give this a shot before I start saving for another pair.

  57. Hello'
    I'm a 16 year old soccer player. I would really like to win the orange nike hypervenoms. I have never owned a fancy pair of boots before so I'm hoping I can get lucky for christmas. My parents have to pay a lot of money in order for me to play soccer because my goal is to become professional. My teamates made dun of me because I wore very old and ugly soccer cleats but during practice games, I'm able to silence them because of my talent and my hard work on and off the field. I just hope that for once I can own a nice pair of boots to make my christmas happy and so that way my parents don't have to buy me new boots for christmas because we are in desperate need for more money.
    Thank you very much for this oppurtunity and I hope i win these boots ! All hail soccer !

  58. adidas primeknit 2.0’s in a men’s 7.5. i really need new boots because my adidas x’s are ripping apart right now, and I just don’t have the money to buy a nice pair of boots at the moment.

  59. I would like the NIKE TIEMPO LEGEND V FG in black and neon yellow size 6.5. My reason is that I really want to make the school team and I need new cleats.

  60. Going to be selfish with my reason but since becoming a coach with the Kildare academy I would love a new pair of great boots just to keep up with the kids.

    If I was lucky enough I would love to win the below.

    Best of to everyone




  61. I’d like the NIKE MAGISTA OBRA TECH Craft. I work two jobs, in retail and as a junior high tutor, attend CSUF full time, and help out my family and girlfriend in anyway I can.

    I live for the weekends when I can forget my responsibilities on the field. Whether I’m a keeper or striker, I like to feel like I have some control over my life and soccer helps me de-stress and relax.

    The shoes don’t make the player but I like the idea of control and that applies to both the field and life.

  62. Nike Mens Mercurial Superflu FG Firm Ground Soccer Cleats. My parents don’t have enough money to buy a cleats. Size 10😀

  63. New Balance Visaro blue white mens 7


  65. I had posted this morning but don’t see my comment here! So I’m going to post again just to be safe.

    I would choose the Nike Tiempo Legacy TF (Men’s US 11 size). Yep, you read that correctly, a turf shoe! I know many entering will probably pick a more extravagant boot, but I’ll tell you why I chose the Tiempo Legacy Turf…..

    My indoor league starts on January 10th. It will be my first time ever playing on an artificial surface. It will also be my first time playing in a league in about 4 years, since coming back from major injury. I’m getting older now, 33, and after reading some helpful info on Soccer Cleats 101, I decided that a turf shoe will not only provide the best comfort, but will also be easier on my joints and help prevent injury on turf – when compared to an AG boot. So, for me, a turf boot seems like the best route!

    I chose the Tiempo Legacy, rather than one of the more expensive boots, because I like the cushion provided in the thicker midsole and the classic quilt pattern on the forefoot. The Tiempo is just a good, quality, comfortable boot that has been around a long time and could serve me for many years.

    If I don’t win this contest, I’ll be shopping for whatever turf boot I can find on clearance. I’ve got two kids at home, including a newborn, so there is not a big budget for boots right now! I was actually just looking at clearance boots yesterday and then saw this opportunity today….maybe it is meant to be!

    • Uh oh! No Tiempo Legacy TF in US MENS 11!!! As a second choice I would go with the Adidas Mundial Team. Similar to the Tiempo, it's quality and comfortable, a bit of extra cushion in the midsole compared to some of the newer styles AND you can't beat some classic K-Leather!! I actually might prefer the Mundial Team to the Tiempo Legacy the more I think about it.

  66. I would love a pair of Adidas Ace Primeknits 15.1! Soccercleats 101’s review on these made me absolutely fall in love with these! I am a massive boot enthusiast yet lack the funds to support this hobby, well it’s more than a hobby. Tech specs and leaked boots are a daily occurrence for me and I try to learn all I can about cleats and the beautiful game! It truly is a beautiful game which I am wholeheartedly devoted to and hope to continue throughout my life! This website is my go to for gear articles and I love it!!!

  67. I would like the Nike Tiempo Legend V FG (631518-707-NIKE) in CanvasVoltBlack. My 15-year old son’s high school soccer season has started. His 2-year old Nike Volce Galaxy shoes have his toes peaking through now. Being a center back, the Tiempo Legend would be a great shoe for him.

  68. As a central midfielder i love to dictate the play and I think the Adidas Ace 15+ Primeknit would help me enhance my play. I’m not going to lie and say my boots are tearing but i could really do with a new pair for the winter!
    Keep up the great work

  69. I’ve had $60 Diadoras which I love but I can’t replace and they are almost completely ripped apart. I’m playing at a pretty high level and I’ve had to borrow my teammates cleats for the past couple weeks. It would be very nice if I could get a new pair. My preferred cleats would be the Ace 15 Primeknit Firm Ground, solar orange/core black. Thank you so much:)

  70. Size 11 men’s US, sorry.

  71. Adidas ace primeknit 15.1 orange/Black. I really like these boots and I could do with a new pair. I have been following your content for the past 3 years and I find your reviews very helpful on choosing boots just like it had helped me to understand the details of this boot. I couldn’t be happier if I won this competition.

    My reason would be that high school soccer is about to start again and I would absolutely LOVE to come back with these awesome cleats!!!

  73. Hello my names is Jackson. I am currently rocking the black CR7 and it's time for a change since they are uncomfortable and have a hole in them. I'd love a pair of superflys any pair mercurial, magista, hypervenom it doesn't matter just need an upgrade. Oh and in a size 11 us thanks so much for reading this!

  74. nike mercurial vapor x intense heat size 10, my old superflys re getting destroyed. I haven't had the chance to buy new ones and I'm about to be playing soccer in the spring. Also, I don't have enough money to buy shoes when I have to buy other things, like books, for college. A new pair of cleats would be awesome!

  75. I really want to win the NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY AG-R, Squadron Blue, size 8 for my 12 year old son. He wants them so badly, but I cannot see spending that much money (not that I can afford to either) on boots he will most likely grow out of in 6-9 months.

  76. tiempo legend v size 9, to replace my old adidas lz

  77. Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 Savage Beauty
    I think this is one of the best looking boots out at the moment, I have always wanted to try the new Flyknit models from Nike. Even though I'm not a huge fan of CR7 or Real Madrid (Barca fan), there is no denying how great the boots look no matter who's name are on them. Hope I win!

  78. I would love to win the New Balance Visaros in the Baltic/Teal Green colorway because I want to represent the astounding growth of the American brand in the football world.

  79. i was recruited by a college team and they have a turf field. I have gone through 3 of my cleats already and its only the first year. NIKE MAGISTA OPUS FG size 13 is what id like.

    Size 10 mens

    My Name is Karina “yetti” Gonzalez #12
    I’m 12 yrs old and Play for a top club team in vegas, ranked top 10 in gotsoccer. We have trouble at times paying for club fees and travel. This would help me out a lot if I was to win. They call me yetti cause the size of my feet

  81. Watching this USA vs. TAT game, I can see my team needs an attacking spark off the bench. I may not have played organised soccer in the last two years, but with my new Nike Tiempo Legends I will be ready by the phone for when Klinsmann calls (I mean he called in another college student so why not me?).

  82. I would love the Adidas Ace 15.1 size 10, in the white/black/silver metallic color way. Thanks guys!

  83. I would love to have the Nike mercurial superfly tech craft leather fg size 9.5 because my dad can only afford soccer shoes from warehouse shoe sale that are like $45 and if I have the chance to win I would rock those in the upcoming season

  84. NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR FG size 10 I would like to win them because when I see that all my friends can afore to buy them and I can’t that makes me sad that why I would like to win them

  85. The cleats I'd like to win are the New Nike Mercurial Vapor or Superfly Tech Craft, because, this is going to be my last year in High School and the cleats that I have right now are in bad conditions.

  86. Hi my name is juan , i am a big fan of your vlogs and videos you make . I watch them all the time. I chose the adidas primeknit 2.0 size 8.5 as i am a big fan of these boots. Season is coming up as i pmay in montverde academy and am looking to stand out on the pitch with these nice cleats. Thanks

  87. I would absolutely love it if I received a pair of ADIDAS ACE 15+ PRIMEKNIT FG – SOLAR ORANGE/CORE BLACK! I am completely in love with those boots! I am a young soccer player from California with huge dreams, I play on top level club and I am making a transition to the midfield . I think it would be awesome to have shoes to fit that playing style in the midfield.

    P.S – I love going to San Diego Surf Cup with all the top team , I’d be awesome if I could take my new boots and showcase my skills with them there

  88. Edwin Samuel Morataya

    Hi, I would love to win the Puma King II FG Blue/White/Lime in size 12. I’m currently coaching AYSO and give free private lessons in the evenings. I had a pair of old Puma Kings for a few years but they ripped and finally had to retire them earlier this year. At the moment, I have to use a pair of Asics running shoes for training and the kids I train are always asking when will I buy new cleats. I would love a new pair of cleats, they would be very helpful now that my team has made the playoffs and for my other lessons. Thanks.

  89. Hi, I would love to win a pair of Puma King II FG Blue/White/Lime in size 12. I'm currently coaching AYSO and give free lessons in the evenings. I had an old pair of Puma King from years ago but was forced to retire them earlier this year after much wear and holes. I'm using an old pair of ASICS running shoes for practice and the kids I coach are always asking me when will I finally buy new cleats. I would love a new pair of cleats, they will be very helpful, especially now that the team I coach made the playoffs and for the other kids I train. Thanks.

  90. Winning the new NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR savage beauty FG would be really awesome, I love CR, he is a great player and looks to be a greater person. That boot would make my collection look much better, a really nice boot.

  91. Hey I’d really love love a pair of magistas size 9. I’m currently playing on my community college team and will be transferring to a 4 year school next year, so I would love to win some new boots for next season!

  92. I would like to win Nike mercurial vapor 10 CR7 SIZE 8US/7UK Any version of CR7 is alright I want it because Vapors are very costly in my country!!

  93. I would like the Magista Tech Craft Boots because I have no means of getting them myself and they're not bad looking. Thanks.

  94. I miss my Diadora Brasil’s. Nike’s Mercurial Superfly Tech Craft Leather FG (size 11.5) is the closest fit and feel I could find on the market today. I know styles are different, but I really like the flexibility and slight firmness of the sole.

  95. I would love to win NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR FG because soccer intramurals are coming soon and i need new cleats but i cant make money that fast. I enjoy playing soccer 24/7 and learning neew tricks. Winning these cleats would mean the world to me. I hope you choose me to win the giveaway! Thank you so much!

  96. I would love the new Nike Magista Obra Electro Flare Pack FG in a 9.5 US. I’ve had the same pair of vapors for the last 3 seasons and they have gotten a giant rip in them, I cherish my cleats but fell in love this the flyknit material when I first tried magentas on. I have been playing the game ever since I was young and it has gotten me through some tough times in life. Soccer has always been there for me, and I would love to have some nice to cleats to help me highlight the game I love.

  97. I am a 14 year old boy from Dayton Ohio who needs a new pair of cleats. This spring season is going to be very difficult as we have lost two center backs. I play winger and im a huge fan of leather cleats. Your website is what really got me interested in soccer footwear. I have owned the Shine Through Tiempo legacies for nearly a year and i am in dire need of new leather cleats. Ive never had a high end cleat but I would love for my first to be the Nike Tech Craft Hypervenom Phinish.
    PS: the black and orange colorway would be my preference

    I am a playmaker on the field for my high school soccer team , but I have been sorely lacking in cleats over the years. My family is quite poor, so I have been stuck with playing in with a pair well below my size with grated studs. But I have not let this stop my passion on the field. Being able to obtain this pair of cleats will greatly help me to pursue my passion.

  99. Adidas X 15.1 FG/AT! This is great chance to try the new 15.1 line. I have the 15.3 in turf and 15.2 in Indoor, and they are both amazing.

  100. I would really like to win the new Nike Mercurial Superfly Tech Craft Leather Firm ground cleats. I purchased some old Superflys from soccer-loco and absolutely loved them! However, they are starting to fall apart and I really want to try the new tech crafts to see if I like them even more than the regular superflys! I would be honored if you chose me and I would put them into great use as soon as I get them as I am a collegiate soccer player! I really want these cleats!!! Thank you so much for considering me and thank you for doing a giveaway like this! You guys truly are the best!!!

  101. HyperPink Mercurial Superfly Size 11 US

  102. My CTR 360s are looking a bit shabby and tearing up, and I might try changing my boots to something a bit more sturdy. I was recently moved from the left wing to the left back, and I was thinking the Nike Tiempo Legend V in a mint green size 9.5 would be a nice sturdy shoe to go with for the upcoming season. Hope I get lucky 🙂

  103. Hi, I'm Gabe Alvarez and I am a senior in high school. Next year, I will be going into college and will hopefully be playing on either a D1 or D3 soccer team. I am the first in my family to go to college, and also the first to take athletics as far as I hope I can through college. The cleats that I have been craving are the Nike Mercurial Vapor X Tech Craft Leather FG cleats. I have been playing in tiempos for most of my life, but I feel as though I need something with a bit more edge to step up my game. I understand that soccer cleats do not give massive performance benefits, but I really need a pair of cleats that will boost my confidence for the college soccer season. The leather Vapors would give me the leather feel that I have become very accustomed to over the years, while providing me with a more aggressive traction system that will help me in my sprints and changes of direction. College soccer is highly competitive, so I really need a pair of cleats that will help me match the amount of intensity that is needed to play in college. Since I am the first in my family to go to college and play athletics in college, all eyes will be on me from my family members, so I cannot let them down.

  104. I just EAS'd from the Marines, and am going to the local university near me. I am going out for the university team at their open tryouts and would really love a fresh pair of boots to sport when I head out on the field. I would greatly appreciate having a pair of Nike Hypervenom 2 size 10.

  105. Nike Magista Obra Tech Craft Leather FG
    US 11

    I play high school varsity level and my mercurials are beginning to tear at the soleplate. It’s been really hard trying to afford a new pair since all of our efforts go towards my mom’s chemotherapy. These are my favorite cleats to come this year and I hope I’m chosen to win.

  106. I would want the New Balance Visaro Pro. I began playing in recreational leagues and college intramurals over a year ago and have had an awful time with cleats giving me blisters due to my wide feet. I saw these when they first came out due to them being offered in a wide version. As a college student I sadly can't afford to buy them on my own and would love to have a pair so that I can finally play in a pair of cleats that fit my foot.

  107. Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Tech Craft Leather AG-R – in Size 7

    Its about time for some new boots, new seasons need new looks and new performance. Unfortunately Adidas doesn't seem to be keeping the MiCoach chip compartment in any of their new shoes so it might mean going back to Nike for me.

  108. Adidas Ace 15+Primeknit FG- Over the summer at a soccer recruiting camp, I went in on a challenge and the opponent feel into the back of my leg, tearing my ACL and Meniscus. I am three and a half months post operation and PT is going great but I really miss being on the field, kicking the ball around. Both of my cleats are worn down from the summer soccer camps and I wanted to have a fresh new pair when I start playing three months from now to signify a new start in my soccer career. Thank you for hosting this contest and have a great Thanksgiving!

  109. I believe I should win the CTR 360 Maestri Cleats because I have dedicated every minute of everyday to improving and playing the best sport in the world. Playing everyday with my high school and club team, I go through new soccer cleats every 4 months. And the way these specific boots are created, they are not only for a better controlled pass and touch, but also durability. Also, these are the best soccer cleats on the history of soccer cleats and I was discouraged when Nike ended the production of the CTR 360. So I'm hoping to get my hands in a good pair of soccer cleats to help me improve and perform well during my soccer games

  110. The Nike Superfly because I'm interested in a locked down feeling. Plus, I like the aesthetic of it.

  111. I have been playing soccer since I was five and it’s extremely important to me. I have recently came back from a Back injury and I’m not in a good condition whatsoever. I’m slowly starting to work hard again. Every chance I get I run and give it my absolute all. I sadly missed tryouts but my coach is willing to give me another opportunity if Im able to get back on top. Since I’ve been injured for a while my cleats from last year don’t fit me. I would love to win a pair of my dream boots, giving me motivation! I would love to win the savage beauty cleats. Thank you & wish me luck.

  112. I would like the Hypervenom II green strike please. Size ten. I want these cleats because I’ve been An adidas fan but am making the switch to Nike because these cleats are beautiful! Adidas new cleats meh… Nike Hypervenom II!


    I would be happy if I win most likely I won’t. I never had expensive cleats because I can’t afford it.

  114. I would like the Nike Mercurial Superfly CR FG size 10 men, I would like these pair of cleats since I want them for Christmas but my parents can’t afford them. I saw this oppurtunity on Instagram decided to give it at try to see if it’s not a scam like other sites. Hopefully its not & hopefully I could win these pair of cleats & show them off to all my friends, use them on my soccer games , and practice.

  115. Hello, I am James Baldwin, and I am 14. I have played the beautiful game since before I can remember, and have always loved it. When I started, I was one of the worst players on my team, even in rec league. But, as I have progressed, I went to a small u10 academy in town, and was placed on the lowest squad. I improved there by a lot, and I was able to join a select team, where I was again not the best there. I just recently started playing more and more, dribbling around my house as I walked, I always had a ball at my feet. I slowly moved from my position at right back to center defense, then to center mid, and now to center attacking mid. I am one of the very best players on my team now, and I am planning to play for a highly competitive team next season. In order to do that, I will need to continue to train at my local indoor turf field. I have worn different qualities of cleats throughout my years, but until last year, I have always worn low end synthetic cleats, varying based on the supporting but not extravent wages of my parents, who are both music teachers. In order to keep up and hone my skills over the winter, I would love to win the NIKE FOOTBALLX SUPERFLY GOLD/BLACK IC. Thank you for reading my story.

  116. I have never played on a soccer team because I’ve never been able to afford some good cleats and I see this as my chance. I hope I win the Nike mercurial superfly CR7 savage beauty. I plan to use them in training for my future soccer team

  117. Wow thank you so much for this giveaway! I found it just in time too! I have never played soccer before and this year that's going to change. I kept telling my self I would do it but I haven't had the nerve to do yet till now. It's my senior year which means college and graduating. It also means more money which my family doesn't have. If I play soccer I won't have time to get a job and I hate asking my parents for money that we don't have. If I won this giveaway I would get these…! thank you again for this giveaway!

  118. Magista Obra from the newest Tech Craft pack. My family is in a very tight financial situation so it would be very hard for me to get another pair. I would like to get a new pair of cleats to play in next year to carry on the legacy of everyone I've ever looked up to and not disappoint them because they've always believed in me. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be as passionate for the game as I am today.

  119. I would be really pleased to win a pair of boots from this giveaway. I have ordered from before and was more than pleased with the fast shipping and service. I would like to win the CR7 Mercurial Vapor X FG in Size 11 Men’s. I would like to win these because the Mercurial Vapor’s are one of my favorite cleats and I really love the look and feel of them. I am starting a travel season up soon and having a new pair of boots would be amazing for the new season. I am also a huge fan of the design of the CR7 cleats specifically and Ronaldo himself. It would be amazing to win a pair of CR7 inspired cleats and a new pair of Vapor’s for the upcoming season. I love Soccer and my soccer cleat choice means a lot to me, I am also a big fan of your Instagram pages and The Soccerloco Website. Thank you in advance for the opportunity with this giveaway!

  120. I'm asking for a pair of ace 15.1 prime knit in size 10.5. Soccer is the only sport I play and it's all I've known since I was 5 years old. It's what I play everyday and what I try to reflect in my personality both on and off the field. I believe it's the most beautiful sport in the world and it has changed the lives of millions and taught those who play it, regardless of background, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, or religion that we can all be unified by the greatest sport on earth and that's why I love the game. Sorry for the rant but this game is very important to me (as it is to you) and wanted to somehow express that. Thanks for giving all of us this chance. Love you all and keep up the good work. ⚽️❤️

  121. For the Nike MercurialX Proximo IC in US9.5 is what I wish,

    because sweet moves are what I want to dish.

    I play in my colleges International Soccer Club,

    After which I play trivia in the pub.

    I consider all those guys from Colombia, Pakistan, Ghana, and more my bud,

    And we always eat dinner together after the dub’.

    My Nepali friend has stopped me saying soccer and now saying ball of fùt,

    So, my dear Bryan, can I get these pair of oh-so-shiny boot?

  122. NIKE MAGISTA OBRA SG-PRO- Size US Mens 8.

    Reason: My last cleats were a not so good pair of cleats that ripped on the outside so I would like to have a good pair that would last me a little while. Thanks for the ability to participate and I just hope for the best! ⚽️

  123. I don’t want this to sound like a pity story or anything I just want to say the truth. My dad was a professional soccer in the serie b at a very young age for a team by the name of FC Vittoria. He was wrongfully cheated out of money by the club on a tranfer to Napoli so left the club in search of a new one. In the meantime he was training with the Italy U21s where tore his ACL which would require total reconstruction. He had a terrible surgery that ended up infecting his knee which forced him to end his career. He came to America looking to start a new life and opened up his own pizza business which went great at first. But 3 children and 20 years later my dad is struggling to pay our rent. I’ve been playing in the same tight mercurials for the past 3 seasons because my father simply cannot afford new boots for me so it would be AMAZING if I could win a pair of Nike Magista Obras in dark Citron/ black size 9.5. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  124. If I win this giveaway I would hope to win the new tech craft Magista Obra in a men’s us 9.5 and this is mainly because I want to become a boot tester and a boot reviewer and I guess I just feel that this new color way of a cutting edge boot would grab peoples attention and maybe I would be taken seriously. Good luck to all other participants


    I want these for a friend. He loves to play and has no money to buy his own cleats and i am tired of seeing him slip in his basketball shoes on the turf. Hope I win. Thanks

  126. I would love the NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II SG-PRO in hyper grape/black/volt in a size 9.5 u.s.

  127. I would like to receive the Nike Magista Obta techcraft leather FG the volt colored wins because I have been playing soccer my whole life And I have never been able to afford and experience any of these new types of boots.I would be absolutely amazed if i won and I might even cry to be honest lol. Also I’m coming up on my senior year of highschool and everyone on my team has a pair and I feel left out. I know that having a pair of boots like this won’t help me play better but it would give me a big boost in confidence on the field. That’s why I hope to win.

  128. Adidas x 15.1 primeknit 10.5. I would love to win these to give them my brother who’s birthday well be in 2 weeks. He has been playing soccer with tiepos he has had for years and they are all ripped and taped up but he refuses to get new cleats. If I am able to win I am sure he would go ahead and change cleats

  129. I would absolutely love the Nike tiempo legend 6’s. I am personally a huge soccer clear collector and player and this would mean so much to me. 😘

  130. Adidas ace 15.1 primeknit reason why i want this shoe is because i have played in adidas boots all my life at the moment i am in need of new boots, the current boots i am using are adidas nitrocharge my birth day was just a couple days ago

    The reason is that as I need to go to college I need a proper soccer cleats for my tryouts, my actual soccer season because I cannot afford them right now. I wish I could win this because I really need them, the cleats I actually using have tape on them so they won’t fall apart during a match.

  132. Nike Mercurial Superfly AG Squadron Blue/Black/Volt because I'm curious to see if the collar is worth all the hype

  133. I would love to win the nike mercurial tech craft, because the last pair of leather cleats i had were stolen from me and my current cleats have a broken sole plate and my brothers are making a family team and i doubt i will be able to play unless i keep taping my shoes like i have been for the past 6 months because im not able to afford some new ones at this time.

  134. I would love a pair of tiempo legend Vs in the new volt color way. I have never had the opportunity to try the legends even though I’ve wanted to and I’m nearing the end of my playing career so now is the time.

  135. I would love a pair of the Ace15+ primeknit. I’ve done a lot of coaching and am playing again and need some fresh new boots on my feet!

  136. Nike magista lightning storm pack size 9

  137. NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY CR FG i have never used original cleats. I always tell my friends doesn’t matter if my cleats arent original I’ll still take them out lol, but i would love to feel the different with these original cleats. Also because they are CR7 cleats, a player I look up to and motivates me to keep going.

  138. I would love to win a pair of the Adidas X15.1 in Orange in a US Size 10.5. I tried them on in store but couldn’t pull the trigger to buy them. Would love to wear them on my outdoor and indoor leagues! Thank you for the contest and good luck to everyone!

  139. Adidas ace primeknit size us10. Would be mean to get some just cause i really like you post and am keen to see what the boots feel like and my predators are shreaded @jacob_crawford7

  140. Hypervemon Phantom 2 hyper grape/black/volt
    I’d love to try out the HV2s because I’ve heard they have a totally unique feel and would like to experience that. I just finished my high school season and my cleats are looking pretty beat up and I am starting ODP so need of a new pair of boots for the season. Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  141. I would love to win the Adidas X15 Primeknit because right now my little brother is looking into trying out for a local club team but not confident enough to go to tryouts on Decemebr 11. I feel a brand new pair of cleats that is worn by his favorite club player Lucas Moura. Will definitely boost up my brothers confidence and make him want to go out there try is little heart out to make the team. Thank you .

  142. I would like to win The Superfly 4, I honestly don’t know much about soccer or cleats, but my boyfriend has been complaining about not having cleats for his upcoming season and has been begging for a brand new pair. If I won this it would mean the world to him, and seeing his face If I was able to give him a brand new pair of cleats that his been wanting for quiet sometime .

  143. Adidas Ace 15.1 in 11.5 please! I need a new pair of boots before my season starts.

  144. I would really love a pair of Hypervenom phantom 2 electro flare pack in a size 8.5. I recently ordered a pair of phantom 2s and I was really impressed. But they didn’t last long so I was hoping to give the phantom another shot in a different color way please gimme that opportunity. Thank you!

  145. I believe I should win this giveaway because I'm a hardworking individual for my club and my school. I put my blood, sweat and tears on the pitch for this sport. Soccer is the center of my happiness and I don't know what I'd do without it. With that being said I'd love to have a pair of the new CR7 Superfly FG cleats. They would be fire on my feet and fire on the pitch. I think those boots will help me keep my dream to being just like Cristiano Ronaldo himself.. Thank you.

  146. I’d love the Adidas X15.1, because my shoes are falling apart! #literally

  147. I want the Adidas X 15.1 because I need a new pair of shoes and my current ones are worn out. The shoes seem like great concept and I visit this site weekly. 🙂

  148. Hey guys.

    I’d like the adidas ace 15.1 in a uk 7.5 in any colourway. I’ve like the look of them since release and really want to try them out!

    Size 9
    I want these cleats due to the fact I’ve been a cleat fanatic since I was young. I’m 16 right now playing in showcases at the moment for Liverpool FC America academy and I’d love some new boots to stand out on the pitch while playing I front of multiple college coaches. Appreciate the opportunity.

  150. ADIDAS ACE 15+ PRIMEKNIT FG – SOLAR ORANGE/CORE BLACK. I want to win these boots because these boots allow me to control the game with the disadvantage I have on the field. As a goalkeeper you are responsible to control the game from your perspective especially when the team needs you the most. However with being only 5’5 its makes it harder to control the game at the High School level. However the height disadvantage hasn’t stopped me from trying my best and making my team the best they can be by controlling the game the best way I can despite people telling me that you are too short to be in that position

  151. ADIDAS ACE 15+ PRIMEKNIT FG – SOLAR ORANGE/CORE BLACK I want to win these boots because it allows me to control the game with the disadvatage I have on the field. As a goalkeeper I am responsible to control the game and help my team when they need me the most. However at only 5'5 that makes it harder for a person in my position to do that at the High School level. That disadvantage hasn't stopped me from becoming the best that I can be and has allowed me to become a great leader and model for the younger kids that look up to me and show them that you can over come a disadvantage if you truly train hard and work to become successful

  152. The new superfly in the gold/volt color way size us 10.5

    I should win because…actually I shouldn’t win 🙁


    I’m not greedy, just would like a pair of simple, black leather boots where comfort counts.

  154. ADIDAS X 15.1 FG/AG LEATHER solar blue Size 10.5 I would like these cleats, because I haven’t tried any cleats like these before, such that these are newer models. My 11pro SL’s are ripped on the sides and I would appreciate a replacement pair. Also, I’m a college student and very active soccer player. Thanks for doing the giveaway.


    Size 7.5 Reason: I’m broker than broke and need some new boots to score with

  156. Adidas prime knit 15.1 size us 8

    Hi, my name is Daniel and I live in vancouver

    I am leaving this comment because I really really would appreciate it if i can get a new pair of soccer cleats.

    I play soccer 3 times a week and two studs on my cleats are broken already and I dont have any money to buy a new one. I read reviews on soccer cleats 101 nearly everday thinking about waering one of those cleats, you guy review. It would be really nice if i can play with brand new cleats i get from you guys in the near future. Please.

  157. I believe that I should be chosen because I am going to be a sophomore next year and playing goalkeeper for my college and I’m in desperate need of a new pair of cleats, I don’t know how much longer my PUMA V1.11’s can last. As a hardworking college student athlete who has fallen on hard financial times and I haven’t had a new pair of cleats for the last 4 years. It always comes down to this for me and my family, pay bills to keep the lights on and tuition so I can further my education or buying soccer equipment, GK gloves, cleats, etc. I would be greatly honored and humbled if chosen.

    My prefered cleat would be the PUMA EVOSPEED 1.3 LEATHER FG – BRIGHT PLASMA size 9 US

    Thank you guys again for this opportunity, best of luck to everyone entering this give away. Keep calm and soccer on.

  158. These are my favorite boots ever. I played all of my college career in tiempos, they have the best touch and feel of a soccer boot I've ever come across. I've worn other nikes and adidas shoes and they dont even come close. My reason is because these shoes get me stoked to play every week!!

    • i would like a nike bravata fg2 in 8.5 I need new boots before the vmbs season starts in a school boy football player

  159. I used Tempo, predator, mecurrial. They're most comforable when i play full match. I hope i can try hyper venom 2 tech craft AG( size 9,5 US).

  160. I want some adidas x15.1 in a size 12 because my favorite player Diego Costa wears them

  161. Nike mercurial CR7 lava edition Vapor 10 or veloce 2 edition
    Size: 7UK/8US

  162. I want Nike Mercurial superfly FG Firm ground soccer cleat Size 8 men us /volt/black/hyperpink.I want those cleats because am about to join a soccer team and my parents cant afford cleats because were paying lots of bills so i beg of you to get me the cleats i said, please.

  163. I hope that I win the giveaway because I do need some shoes

  164. Adidas 16+ any color size 9.5 because they are brand new, they look attractive and i get one pair of shoes per year, i already got the predator world cup and the ace 15.3 but i would like to try The no laces technoloGy

  165. Adidas ace16 size 9 so I can be the boss with soccerloco

  166. I would love to get the new Neymar cleats and my reason is I don't have that much money to buy me a pair like that I would love to have my first pair of original cleats since I have only played with used cleats

  167. I want this: adidas ace 16.1 primeknit fg ag solar green shock pink
    Because i dont have money and i leave in a poor country!! Also I'll promise you that i will be one of the best football players in the world!! Nothing is impossible!!
    10.5/11.0 the size of boots i want!

  168. ace 16+ blue,they're just sexy

  169. Adidas 16+ Blue in Size 9, they look ready to score and probably they are pre-loaded with some great skills to make awesome goals, the reviews says these are great boots as the fit as a 2nd skin and that they have great support, I’ll love to have these.

  170. Thanks so much for doing this giveaway I really appreciate your hard work the reason I sign up was because my soccer season is starting really soon without soccer boots I cant play. And my team really needs me and I need them. I am a right winger. If I win may I please have the Nike size 11 year old. colour blue and green. thanks so much .

  171. hi am a big fan of football the reason I have sign up is that I cant offord them and every time someone gets me soccer shoes they get stolen I really appreciate your hard work. I would like Adidas Lionel Messi boots size 11 year old .thanks so much I love you guys from the bottom of my heart I you will remain their for ever.

  172. Nike mercurial super fly camo size 9.5

  173. Need new boots to score some banger goals. Adidas Ace 16, 44 3/4, uk 11 would do the job real fine.

  174. I would like the

    size 7
    I want these because I am a 15 year old rel Madrid fan who needs new cleats because my hyper venoms are too small.

  175. You are Ausome

  176. I would like the NIKE MERCURIALX PROXIMO IC because I’ve never owned a pair of shoes with the sock and when I seen them I instantly fell in love with them but I was seriously unable to afford them. I would like them in a size 10.5

  177. Hey, my name is bailey tayor and im 16 years old. Ive always loved soccer but actually started playing last summer and i had the problem of slipping over and over. my bestfriend told me that i need some boots like his but i really cant afford them. i want to step up my game and get better, im currently using my vans to play. i am a size 13 and i really like hypervenoms. If im luck enough to win, i thank you so much 🙂

  178. Hey, my name is Josh and im 13 years old from New Zealand. I would love to have a pair of NIKE HYPERVENOMX PROXIMO SE IC – CAMOUFLAGE because ive never had the sock boots because i cant afford them. Im in the top team of my age and all my team have sock boots except me. I would realy like these boots. Thank you for reading my reason for the boots. Thanks again

  179. Hey, my name is Josh and im 13 years old from New Zealand. I would love to have a pair of NIKE HYPERVENOMX PROXIMO SE IC – CAMOUFLAGE because ive never had the sock boots because i cant afford them. Im a size 11. Im in the top team of my age and all my team have sock boots except me. I would realy like these boots. Thank you for reading my reason for the boots. Thanks again

  180. Adidas Ace 16+ because I've always been waiting to get some soccer cleats and i haunt been able to. The cleats i have are getting too small for me.

  181. really like to get those boots

  182. I really need a pair for cleats and my old one are to small and have a big cut

  183. I want some ace 16 size 7 1/2 cause I can't afford them and my old cleats don't fit

  184. Hi I Want Adidas Messi 16+ Pure agility . because i have no money i am not so rich please i want these boots
    i love football more than my life and i have no pair of boots pleasee give me

  185. Nike magista obra II size ( 9 us ) cuz i’m a goalkeeper i want to have best boot to do better work and nike is the best and i don’t have enough money

  186. I will want to win some CR7 size 4 for my boy that his ask for his Birthday this July and i couldn't afford them there little pricey and being a single parent of 3 its very hard to afforded them

  187. I want the NIKE HYPERVENOMX PROXIMO SE IC – CAMOUFLAGE because my old shoes are getting torn up and I love the giveaway which you are doing. Also I am playing in my team for national tournaments and season matches. So I would appreciate winning those boots

  188. Please i really need new boots I'm size 7 please I rally need new ones please give me new ones please please please !!!

  189. I want a pair of Nike merucurial superbly high tops in red because I have got a trial with Charlton Athletic on the 29th October and I my other boots are to small. Size 10 uk

    Size 11

  191. Nike magista obra FG black size 7.5. I want these because ever since I saw this person on my team I wanted to get black shoes so that I didn't have to clean them. Soccer is my life I play it every where and bring a ball every where.

  192. Adidas x 15.1 ft/ag yellow and black

  193. Adidas x 15.1 fg/ag black night

  194. Adidas x 15.1 night

  195. Nike hypervenom panthem

  196. Adidas Ace 15.1 because I need a new control boot since my adidas predators are getting a bit torn up.

  197. I would love a pairon of new football boots but I'm no different to anyone else, I really have no reason I would just love some new boots Mabyn adidas purecontrol control. I hope I get lucky x I play for MK DONS and u have to have black boots so this might be a change to have size 5.5 or 6 thankyou


  199. Hi my name is Roderick Brown from Jamaica I really need a total 90 sizes 9.5 please I really need it because am really poor I cant buy one and I have to stop playing because I can afford it

  200. Neymar hypervenom phelon IC sock boots

  201. Adidas 16.1 prime knit size 8.5 because my boots are torn and soccer season is right around the corner . Thank you for the opportunity, hope I win !


    I would like the magista 2 green or the ace 16 yellow in a size 10 (you can pick)

    Both of the cleats fit me great and have done some research and they both are a great cleat I dont think I have a chance at getting a good pair of cleats ever, so if I got the cleats I would be the most great full person in the world

  203. I would love the laceless ace 16+ in any colorway in a size 8.5

  204. I would love to have Nike Mercurial Superfly V AG pro please. I would appreciate it very much. I'd love to win and hope I get lucky! Please don't make me hopeless because this is my only chance to get this pair of shoes. Thanks

  205. My size is 7 US

  206. The adidas ace 15. I want them cuz my old one is tearing apart. And
    I don't have money to buy another pair of boots. I have a national tournament
    Coming soon. So if I win it would be really helpful. And my size is uk6

  207. Please may I have the adidas ace 17+ please I have just started a new team I would like to look nice and smart size 7.5 men cheers

  208. Please may I have the adidas ace 17+ please I have just started a new team I would like to look nice and smart size 7.5 men cheers

  209. I want to win the addidas ace 16 + purecontrol beceas i realy like it and i love playing football i cant do with my sheo but i cant aford to buy one i would realy apprciate it if you can give me one oh the size is 43 fr

  210. Ace 16+pure control size 8. 5 i really love football and i cant practice with my sheo and i cant aford to buy one i would realy appreciate it if i could get one

  211. nike hypervenom phanton II AG-R Size 9.5………really need this boot for my upcoming school soccer tryouts.


  213. hi i would like if if u could could give me a size 10,5-11 Adidas ace 15.1 or Nike mercurial s or any cleats because i never owned a proper pair of cleats PLS Thx

  214. ADIDAS JR ACE 16.3 PRIMEMESH FG/AG size 4
    getting teased

  215. I just simply don’t have enough money to buy a pare of boots so this eould be so great

  216. I couldn't be more happy if u got me so football boots maybe the Paris pack it's just hard to find cheap football boots and my dad and Mum split up so we don't have much money

  217. I want a new pair of shoes because I have never seen a real studs so plz give me NIKE MAGISTA OBRA II FG

  218. When will new giveaway is coming

  219. i want the supefly 4 beacause the boots that im palying is a FILA boot and it broke from the kicking area so thats why i want a boot

  220. Adidas Jr Messi 16+ Pure Agility FG children's size US-6. My boots are old and I can't really afford a new one .

  221. no i want a superfly 5

  222. I would like NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II FG because I have played defender but they r moving me not to the wing and I would love this pair of boots. I have never won anything before so pls.

  223. Can I have adidas ace1.6 because in my school sportday is going to be held on january 10 I want shoes so plz give me shoes

  224. i want a cr7 boots because i m playing striker for my state and i does not have any boots so i request you to plsss give me on 24 bcoz i have my birthday on that day

  225. so i was just so curious this christmas to see what it will be like to get real football boots like neymar as if never had the chance to afford a pair like this but the NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM II FG
    i will treasure these shoes for not just christmas but for my 12th birthday
    best wishes jude
    size 8

  226. I would love the adidas pure agility in blue because I have old cleats and would like new one I am size 6 uk or size 7 us

  227. I want to win a Adidas Ace 17+ pure control please

  228. JuaN Marcos Herrera

    adidas Ace Tango 17+ PureControl IN – Black/White/Blue in size 7 please

  229. JuaN Marcos Herrera

    NIKE JR MAGISTAX PROXIMO II TF – VOLT/HYPER TURQUOISE/TOTAL ORANGE/BLACK I would defenetley love these in size5.5 us

    • JuaN Marcos Herrera

      I would like these for my soccer tournament that i am having. I havent played int because i dont have soccer cleats. I have missed 2 games for this

  230. JuaN Marcos Herrera

    I wOuld like these because i am having a soccer tournament and I have no soccer shoes to play with

  231. Adidas ace 17+purecontrol blue shock size 11 because they are a very lovely boot and very lightweight and I hope to win these

  232. Adidas ace 17+purecontrol blue shock size 11 because they are a very lovely boot and very lightweight and I hope to win these boots

  233. I want Adidas messi 16.3 red and blue shoes flats because I am a big fan of messi but can't afford to buy it

  234. i would like towin nike tiempo greenish colour because i plays on position of halp back as a depender and that is mostly used by ramos, david luiz and pique that i love nike tiempo………….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  235. Can I have hitop soccer shoes from cr7 because i don't have any soccer shoes please size 8in a have

  236. I want to win a pair of adidas ace 17+ laceless in blue and black because I need a new pair of boots soon as poosible

  237. Can I get high tops magista any color size 9.5 US

  238. Hey there, I'm really glad I found this website and the minute I went to the soccer logo website I was shocked after how many boots there was to choses from especially the pure controls! However I'm reall needing a new pair of boots as where I live rugby is a force subject so I have to you my football cleats to play. Now my boots are ripped and talking and I have nothing to play the beautiful game in. I do play for a development academy hwowever I need a nice pair of boots to show the academies that I'm a beast so I was wondering if I could have a the hypervenom 3 Nike strike in dynamic fit please and I would be the happiest person ever!

  239. may i please have a soccer cleats please im begging you😥😥😥😥

  240. adidas ace 17+ all white. size 6

  241. Nike Neymar Hypervenom-Phelon-II-NJR-FG because the design and the colour reflects my style.

  242. i would like the hypervenom 3 strike pack in black and size 7.5

  243. Hey im snehadro nandy and this is the boot i want
    Nike Mercurial Superfly CR FG – Deep Royal Blue/Metallic Silver …

  244. Hey im snehadro nandy and this is the boot i want NIKE MERCURIAL SUPERFLY V AG-PRO – TOTAL CRIMSON/BLACK/PINK BLAST/VOLT

  245. I would love to get the newest release of the cr7 chapter the chapter IV forged for graetness because i just saved up my money and got myself the cr7 chapter 3, 2 months ago and are now ripped to shreds because one of my texam mates stood on them and it
    ripped my high top

  246. The Boots Ii would like would be the Adidas Predator LZ TRX FG, with colours, black, green, orange, pink and red, Im a passionate footballer and i need another boots so i can continue playing the sport i love, also i love adidas its my favourite brand,

  247. Also Ive got a 40$ Patrick witch is like a training shoes at the moment because the pegs teared off and sometimes i play in a shoes, especially with the football season coming up in a while i would so much love to play but have the proper boots along with my other gears ii would really appreciate it. The cleats i would very much like to win is the Adidads Predator LZ TRX FG with colours Black, Orange, red, Pink and Green Thanks alot

  248. Nike hypervenom 3 size 10 men.
    any cleats will be good guys .i am poor and I am trying hard to become a pro player to help my family but if I was in ENGLAND or some place
    else than st.Vincent and the Grenadines can someone help me

  249. Addidas Messi 16+ pureagilit 10.5 need them because I love them for the tournament please help me [email protected]

    I loved these shoes and since there is hard ground near my apartment i have to use turf shoes. I don't t have money to buy them as i m only a 10th student but i love to play football and i dream to be a professional footballer. My email i d is :- [email protected], i hope i can win them.

  251. Hello team
    I will be thankful if you give me a football shoe for free
    Thank you.

  252. nike mens mercurial i want to win .my size is 10 , i like to win bcoz it was great nice lokking so thats why.

  253. I want the "Nike Mercurial veloce lll fg" any color. I saw these and i fell on love witg them, my family has a low income and i could never afford them. Of I win I would really appreciate it. The only think I play soccer in is my old shoes tgat has wholes in them!I just want a decent soccer cleats that I can play in without being judge or embarrassed.I love the game will all my heart it doesn't matter what i play in, but I will love to play in the "Nike Mercurial veloce lll fg"my parents spend almost all of the little money they had to get me on a soccer team and they don't have any money to buy me soccer cleats so this is why I really want them!

  254. I want to learn dribbling and juggling so i need a pair of football shoes.
    any color, used or old ….
    SIZE 8.5 or 9

  255. Ella Banda
    Pure control junior size 6, my son is about to outgrow his cleats so I don't want to spend 115$ on go cleats were you can buy so much food with that

  256. Hayley Campbell

    Adidas Nemeziz 17+, preferably the Core Black/Core Black colourway. I'd like them because I've never owned a top-of-the-line boot, and only ever had pretty much the cheapest boot in the store or a hand-me-down. The Nemeziz looks so good and I really want to try the laceless system. I also have quite heavy boots and would like to try some light ones, and to see the difference in quality and durability between takedown models and top-of-the-line models. I also need a new pair of boots for next season as my Nike Tiempos have started to show the wear of two seasons and the soleplate is seperating from the upper. I live in Australia also, so it is quite difficult to get new boot models even if I was able to buy elite level boots.

  257. Please may I have am an african

  258. My name is Patrick my parents can't buy because there to expensive and can't even afford one juice

  259. garvon robertson

    nike superflight

  260. I want to win any high tops cause my parents don't have money and I'm desperate for a new pair of boots please I'm size 12

  261. i would like ADIDAS ACE 17+ PURECONTROL FG to gift my little brother because he is a huge fan of football but our financial condition is not good enough. i would be glad if i win and gift him.

  262. I don't have a great reason, but as the new season comes around I'd love some new boots. For the last few years I've been a midfielder and I'm switching to sticker so some new light weight boots would be lovely. Like everyone else, I'd love to win and hope I get lucky!

  263. Ryan-Will Pretorius

    I would love the " adidas Nemiziz17.3 FG Legend ink solar yellow/energy blue. Size- 10 UK

  264. Adidas ace 15.1 in size 6 it's a clear that I have loved since they first came out. I'm a college student so I really haven't had the money to buy them. Some new cleats would be great especially the ace 15.1.

  265. Good morning. My name is rilwan oduborisa, I am from Nigeria. My parents and I just moved to the AMERICA and I want to join a soccer team named OEFC but I can't afford to buy any types of cleats. Please if you can help me out I would love that because I have true passion for the game and my nickname is pogba

  266. Hello my name is Lucas. I come from Malaysia. I’ve wanted soccer shoes since I was five. My friends always laughed at me for playing soccer with running shoes instead of soccer shoes. Sometimes I even get rejected from playing soccer just because I don’t have soccer shoes. Please give me this chance to get my first pair of sport shoes! By the way, I want a NIKE HYPERVENOM PHANTOM III FG Black/white/game royal. Thank you!

  267. Size 10.5 please

  268. hi i want nike mercurial superfly vcr7 fg boot because i want to become a football player

  269. I need a cr7 boots for my game

  270. I need a cr7 boots for my game and with size 9 any color plspls

  271. I want to win football shoes because I want to play football.
    But I don't have facility.
    It's helpful tome if I get it.

  272. Nike Mercurial Superfly FG CR7 turf with socks

  273. Hello sir, i want to win cr7 mehlor, size 11.5 because i am big fan of cristiano ronaldo and i want a dream of becoming a good football player but i have a little bit trouble for buying soccer shoes because i dont have enough money to buy shoes, or to pay my school fees thats why sir this is just a request, i will be happy if you help me and god will help you

  274. I love yours soccercleats101Messi boots . My foot size is UK 8. I love your stoke items because it seems to I’m glad to have one of those. I’m a altime follower of your insta page

  275. Make sure that you are a great seller. We love football 👍

  276. Any boot.I am so interest in football and I have no these much money to
    Buy boots.

  277. I am secondary school player and I can’t afford this time new Boot I wish I could win new Boot from you

  278. Bryant Rodriguez

    Hi my name is Bryant rodriguez and i would love something really special for my birthday this year.I am 14 years old am about to turn 15 on november 28,i hope i win since right now because of this whole covid 19 we are short on money and paying the house and i want a new pair of boots ,the only pair a have is a 20$ pair that don't fit me no more and i have been asking my parent's for a new pair but they say no and say we are short on money but i love the game with all my heart i literally play soccer 24/7 and would really appreciate if i won these nike mercrial superfly 7 elite Fg white/laser crimsom or the nike superfly 7 elite mds#002 FG lemon venom/black/Aurora green in a size 6.5 in youth, i really appreciate if i win and thanks for letting me share what's happening thanks again

  279. Bryant Rodriguez

    I don't know if you read my comment but i hope i win these… or those thanks god bless

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